October 8, 2008 at 2:16 am

AlouattaNow I would like to get your attention presenting Alouatta, a really nice rock band with punk influences. They offer a lot of energy and attitude, with a close garage sound that reminds of the first punk rock era.

As I’m a real fan of special voices, I get hooked on the vocals from Karl Buhres. I hear Jimi Hendrix, both in the tone and the phrasing, but with a frenzy and energy that Jimi didn’t offer.

Alouatta was formed in 2007 by members from Coyote, Twopointeight, The Shiv, The Heartattacks and soon thereafter they released the EP “Manos Arriba”. This year they have released the vinyl single “Animal” (Big Bongo Recordings)

What Aloutta really means you can read about here (you won’t be surprised :-))

Download, listen and rock!:

Friday Night

Alouatta on Myspace

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