Imi Fal – “Hymn for the Waiting/Sonder”

October 20, 2014 at 11:10 am

Imi Fal

A year ago I wrote about Imi Fal and his ambient, beautiful daydreaming-music. Since then he has released the album “The Man Who Sat Down” and after that also a few individual tracks. On the two last ones “Hymn for the Waiting” and “Sonder” he has developed his soundscapes further; it feels more vivid and richer in images, beautiful like sparkling morning dew in the light of early dawn. To me this is a perfect start of the week, a way of finding some peace in the middle of stress and obligations.

Imi Fal on Spotify – on Soundcloudon Bandcamp

Ludvigson & Mechanist – “Intra-Extra”

October 17, 2014 at 3:44 pm

Håkan Ludvigson is one of a trio who are running the label Substream, a label that has released more than 3000 songs with artists from around the world since the start in 2004. Håkan is also an artist himself and in Spring he released his second album, “Intra-Extra”, in collaboration with Mechanist from England.

Together they create a fascinating soundscape across 8 tracks, in the bottom rather warm and soothing but also with feelings of mystique, desolation and unknown worlds. Here’s a unique mix of many elements from the world electronica such as ambient, deep house, downbeat, techno and drum & bass. Here are three of the tracks:

Ludvigson på Facebookpå Spotifypå Wimp

Pop and daydreaming – new music from David Josephson, We Are Legends and Eluna

February 3, 2014 at 4:34 pm
We Are Legends

We Are Legends

David Josephson – “Drömmaskinen”

David Josephson is a Swedish  singer/songwriter, currently living in Berlin, who with the single “Drömmaskinen” (“The Dream Machine”) takes his first step towards his second full length album. The song, released tomorrow, is a catchy energetic tune whiches breathes of indie pop as well as of classic Swedish pop melodies.

We Are Legends – “Begging For Amnesia”

And now to another catchy track, but more into the electro pop area. It’s the producer duo We Are Legends, based in Göteborg, who have released the single “Begging For Amnesia” with Caroline Ailin behind the microphone. Dance- and radio-friendly, sure, but also with a tasty, seductive arrangement with a great drive. The single comes in ten versions: different mixes, extended version and remixes.

Eluna – “Trädgårdsmästarinnans Tillförlitliga Tillflykt” – EP

Eluna, or Sebastian Josef Karika, is releasing his second EP later this week: “Trädgårdsmästarinnans Tillförlitliga Tillflykt”. It feels like safe refuge for me also as I listen to these four, both ambient and melodically beautiful, creations. It’s easy to get into the garden metaphor when I listen, either by looking through the  window, daydreaming or by getting out, finding a quiet corner in the garden and just admiring som flowers or fruits. It feels bright, calm but still eventful, with the electronic and the organic in symbiosis. Here’s sneak peek at the title track.

boerd – “Harbinger”

January 17, 2014 at 3:15 pm


Yesterday the producer and musician boerd, aka Bård Ericson, released the EP “Harbinger” and follows up on last year’s album “Cerebrum”. It’s about instrumental electronica, a multifaceted one, constantly moving, on the border between chillout and ambient. It sort becomes a soundtrack of the day where the beautiful, crisp and glittering textures accompanies a bright winter’s day where the snow has just covered the ground with a thin layer. On two of the songs we can also hear vocals, performed by Ellen Arkbro.

boerd on Facebookon Spotifyon Wimpon Raraon Soundcloud

Snakethread – “Get Well EP”

December 10, 2013 at 11:47 am


The producer Snakethread has released the EP “Get Well”, an EP from which he donates all revenues to a fund for Cancer research. The theme of the EP is also illnesses, where he paints, with downtempo, ambient music, something of a twilight landscape, a waiting which is neither dark nor light, soothing, but sometimes worrying. Listen to one of the tracks below.

Snakethread on Tumblr – on Facebook – on Spotifyon Wimp – on Bandcamp

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