Interzone Inc – “Beautiful Decay”

March 27, 2015 at 2:43 pm

Interzone Inc

Just like yesterday I will start with ambient music today. It has a different character though, and comes from Interzone Inc and the album “Beautiful Decay”. Behind the name Interzone Inc we find Göran Kinnander, an artist who has created music under this name since the eighties. The music has varied but lately it’s focused to some extent on ambient electronica, which is also the base on this album.

The music is not that easily described, though, as ambient backgrounds, there is a lot of dynamics here, where he explores minimalistically created environments to grand soundscapes, from the melodic to the monotone. The biggest surprise arrives in the seventh track “Just Me”, which heads off with a hard, industrial electronica with screaming synths and where he also sings, for the first time actually. It works great, skakes you around, and afterwards we land in perhaps the most quiet and ambient track, “Panic Room”. He says that this is his most personal release so far and also writes: “Trying to describe that even in decay, and eventually death, there can be beauty.” It’s a quite fascinating journey in sound which makes me curious about his other work as well. On his Bandcamp-page there are another 14 releases to explore… Here are two tracks from “Beautiful Decay”:

Interzone Incs site – on Facebookon Spotifyon Wimpon Bandcamp

Imi Fal – “The Lightest Touch”

March 26, 2015 at 2:31 pm

Imi Fal

Imi Fal’s music is made for making you decelerate, sit down and take it easy for a while. On his third album “The Lightest Touch” he continues to build on his melodic ambient music with a sound he showed us in a couple of tracks last year. The feeling reminds me of getting up early in the morning, before anyone else, seing a sun that has just managed to crawl over the horizon. After a while other sounds seep in from the outside, from nature, from the city, from people, but it falls into the calm, slow pace of the music. Beautiful and relaxing and definitely the best album from Imi Fal so far.

Imi Fal on Spotify – on Soundcloud – on Bandcamp

Conny Olivetti – “eleVen”

November 24, 2014 at 7:22 pm

Conny Olivetti

It’s always fascinating to dive into Conny Olivetti’s electronic world. A month ago he released the double album “eleVen”, which is his eleventh one as the name implies. As with several others of his albums there’s a filmic vibe to this eventful electronica, a rather dark one with a noir feeling, which is further emphasized by the many sampled movie quotes in the songs. Three of the songs contain vocals by the singer Linnea, among them the starting track “Tara King”, a track which was present already on the last album but then in a bit shorter, instrumental version. Here are three of the songs:

Conny Olivetti’s site – on Facebook – on Bandcamp

Stefan Klaverdal – “Evocations”

November 6, 2014 at 3:31 pm

Stefan Klaverdal

I wrote about Stefan Klaverdal and his interesting blend of classical music and electronica last year. Earlier this Autumn he realeased another album “Evocations”. Again it’s about this mix of beautiful stings and ambient components, where the electronic parts range from being subtle ingredients to being the main course of the song. It’s fascinating to listen through his album as it changes from beautiful melodic songs to pure ambience to more experimental songs where you can feel the friction. It’s of course quite personal how you will experience this music, but to me it gives me a sensation of a shifting Autumn, emphasized also by a slight melancholic tone and a richness of colours in the music. Here are two songs:

Stefan Klaverdals site – on Spotify – on Wimp

Sanjin – “Fjärde soluppgången”

October 20, 2014 at 4:57 pm

I continue today on the instrumental theme. Here’s Sanjin with the album “Fjärde soluppgången” (“Fourth sunrise”). I hear a delightful seventies-sound with krautrock vibes and retro-synths. The electronica is dominating in experimental ambient creations, but other elements are offered as well, like in the finishing “Utan dag utan timme”, with it’s rock-progressive touch. A fascinating listen all the way through.
Sanjin runs the site “Allt för musik“, a quite readable blog about art, nisched music and sound phenomena.

Sanjin’s site – on Spotifyon Bandcamp

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