Les Gordons – “Need to Feel”

September 21, 2016 at 4:53 pm

Les Gordons

The band Les Gordons, hailing from Örebro, is right in the middle of an exciting period. After participating in the finals of a national Swedish radio competion last month, they were picked out by a jury to the biggest competition of them all: Melodifestivalen in Swedish national television next year. And of courrse they didn’t turn down the opportunity to play in front of the biggest possible Swedish audience.

They are hardly the typical band for the competition, though, even if they have a great sense for catchy tunes. Into their melting pot of energetic indie they pour various influences and they can add som 60’s-inspired garage pop just as well as funky dance rock with a taste of the 80’s. In Summer they released this video with the title track, “Need to Feel”, from their latest EP, released in Spring. I’ve also added another excellent track from the album here below: “Walking On”.

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Dumdum Score – “Audio Sheep”

July 11, 2016 at 4:21 pm

Dumdum Score

Experimental 80’s music from Newcastle meets 2016 in a self-sampled material with both new and old content. The British duo Dumdum Score, Cristopher Simpson and Michael Fielding, were never quite satisfied with the outcome of their 80’s album. They sampled their own songs and reworked it to an album which breathes synth and tape loops from the 80’s as well as a complex, multilayered content that feels more 2016 than 1987, when the original was released . The atmosphere feels somewhat metallic and desolate, but is also music with a kind of black humour. There are tracks with vocals and voices, sometimes clear, sometimes quite obscure, and there are tracks based only on instrumental and other sounds.

According to Dumdum Score they have tried to create a surrealistic music with connections to various popular currents within art, and they mean that their music is a collision between the concious and the subconcious. Beside the music there are also associatied art and videos you can check out on their site and on Youtube.

Swells and flows

Heads of tulips

Dumdum Score’s site – on Twitter – on Bandcamp

Juka Soma & The Future of Chemistry – “Wild Rover”

June 15, 2016 at 5:04 pm

Juka Soma & The Future of Chemistry

Juka Soma & The Future of Chemistry open the door to their new EP with the single “Wild Rover”. The quartet Juka Soma, Nike Markelius, Anna Wallander and Joel Igor Hammad serve a wonderful glammy rock energy which makes me longing for more. Juka Soma is a fantastic song writer and one of my favorite rock voices, and here he’s set the scene for a track that fits the band perfectly with heavy beats, contagious melodies and pure rock’n’roll vibes. If you want to listen to more from the band while waiting for the EP, I can recommend the debut album which was released one and a half year ago.

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Jonas Carping – “Cocktails & Gasoline” album

March 7, 2016 at 5:18 pm

Jonas Carping

It’s been a really slow start this year in the blog. I haven’t quit in any way, it’s just that other things have gotten in the way. Well, here’s a new post for you, and then we’ll see.

Half a year ago I wrote about Jonas Carping’s single “The Last Approval”, a single that was a first taste of this album, “Cocktails & Gasoline”. The single track starts the album, and is definitely one of the highlights of the record. This single track showed a larger and heavier rock sound than he has revealed before, and this is a trait that runs through on more songs on the album. Here’s a big span, though, all the way down to the naked folk song, where he’s all alone with the acoustic guitar. No matter the environment he is a something of a rebel, like the rock poet from the street who has jumped up on the Americana stage and shares his life experience with drama and passion, glowing in the darkness. And here he does it better than ever before. Here are three tracks from the album:

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Pop escapades

January 29, 2016 at 5:03 pm
Victoria + Jean

Victoria + Jean

3 Cutting Principles – “Break aWay”

Nicaolai Dunger, Manne von Ahn Öberg and Jonas Nyström are releasing their debut single today for their new project 3 Cutting Principles. They serve an alternative pop with an orchestral arrangement, which they describe as a soundtrack to northern lights.

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Moodblanc – “Good Things In Life”

The duo Moodblanc have released the single “Good Things In Life” and the album “Faith” at the same time. The album contains all the chapters in the story with their series of singles. They write that the story started in St Tropez and ends in Rome. Is this maybe the last part of the tale?

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Sofia Thelin – “Det är en cirkus alltihop”

Tomorrow on Saturday Sofia Thelin celebrates the release of her third album “Kärlekssång till alla bortgömda trosor” at Victoriateatern in Malmö. As a first taste she has released a video to one of the tracks, “Det är en cirkus alltihop”. It’s a warm and intimate chanson-inspired cabaret pop song which she owns with her personality. The video is created by Mohave Media.

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Victoria + Jean – “Härligt Sverige”

The Swedish-Belgian duo Victoria + Jean have released an appetizer from their album “Divine Love”, scheduled for release in April. It’s called “Härligt Sverige” and comes also with video signed Corentin Kopp. Captivating, experimental pop with a strong crescendo in the end.

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