New pop singles from Mathias Melo, Fou De Toi, The Plastic Pals and Simian Ghost

February 6, 2014 at 3:00 pm
The Plastic Pals

The Plastic Pals

Mathias Melo – “My Friend the Freedom Fighter”

Mathias Melo is a new musical acqaintance for me, one who has just released his first single, “My Friend the Freedom Fighter”. It’s an inspirational, sunny singer/songwriter pop with a lovely rhythmic acoustic guitar playing, and an interesting voice from Mathias.

Fou De Toi – “Dreams”

Today Fou De Toi release the second single from their collaboration with the producer Ronald Blood. It’s called “Dreams” and is yet another example of their exquisite sense of catchy pop melodies.

The Plastic Pals – “The Final Remedy”

Tomorrow The Plastic Pals release the single “The Final Remedy”. The song is taken from their excellent second album “Turn the Tide”, launched last year. Great groove on this catchy tune which send me vibes of powerpop, new wave and garage rock and a breath of the era around the end of the seventies/the beginning of the eighties.

Simian Ghost – “Echoes Of Songs (For Trish Keenan)”

And here’s another piece of wonderful dreamy indie pop from Simian Ghost in the song “Echoes Of Songs (For Trish Keenan)”. The song is a tribute to Trish Keenan, former singer in  Broadcast, who tragically passed away three years ago.

Stilett, Hurula, The Bland, Rebstar and Century of Ecstasy

January 24, 2014 at 4:39 pm


It’s Friday and the end of the week, so I thought I’d gather some news from this week I haven’t had the time to present yet. Here’s some more great music:

Stilett – debut album

Stilett is the name of a new punk band formed by Adam Nilsson from Tysta Mari and Crippe Määtä from Bombshell Rocks. Joined by Thomas Åberg (Twopointeight) and Inge Johansson (International Noise Conspiracy) they have released their debut album today. Here’s a taste of it:

Hurula – “Sluta deppa mig”

Robert Hurula, former front man in Masshysteri, is now going solo and have recorded an album to be released later in Spring.”Sluta deppa mig” is the first single from the record:

The Bland – “Changes”

I called the former street musicians The Bland’s folk and Americana-inspired music irresistable, the last time I wrote (called The Bland Band then) about them. And I still think it is when I listen to their new single “Changes”, which you can listen to here below. The song adverts their debut album “Strangers on the Side of the Street” which will be released next Friday.

Rebstar – “Simple”

Here’s some hip hop from Malmö, from the artist Rebstar. He released this single “Simple” this week, which is the first one from his upcoming album, which will be his third full length album.

Century of Ecstasy – “The City Of You”

Century of Ecstasy calls himself lo-fi-artist and shows us what he means by that on the debut single “The City Of You”, released yesterday. It’s a beautiful, soft piano ballad with a sound that could have been inspired by John Lennon from the early seventies.

Sara Thuresson – “Att älskas och älska”

January 9, 2014 at 3:21 pm

Sara Thuresson

I’m beginning a new year today here on Meadowmusic, a year which seems to have just as much potential as last year, to judge from the rich stream of music tips I’m receiving. First out is Sara Thuresson’s new single “Att älskas och älska” (“To be loved and to love”), which will be officially released tomorrow. She wrote the song to her friends’, Sandra and Klas, wedding, a wedding which was also shown in Swedish TV as a part of a TV show.

Sara Thuresson’s site – on Facebook – on Spotify – on Rara – on Soundcloud

Brother North – “Rain Song” – premiere

December 13, 2013 at 11:33 am

Brother North

I’m starting the day with a single premiere here on Meadowmusic. It’s the duo Brother North who are releasing the song “Rain Song” today, their first official single release. There’s a b-side too, “Krummi”, which is sung in Icelandic.

The duo Freyr Flodgren and Lucas Enqvist have known each other since they were ten years old, and they say that they more or less have been living together as brothers since then. They are living together today in a collective in the home town Umeå, a collective which has become something of a gathering point for musicians in their town. The song “Rain Song” feels like a natural step from what we’ve heard before, and now with beautiful string arrangements added, their acoustic music feels enchantingly nature romantic, and Freyr’s warm, open vocals have really found a home in these surroundings.

Brother North on Facebook – on Soundcloud

Tim Schmidt – “Tinar”

November 27, 2013 at 3:19 pm

Tim Schmidt

Tim Schmidt is back with a new album, “Tinar”, where he, like on the last album “Dog“, varies between more traditional folk songs and songs where he with small means stretches and experiments with the format. Well, there are just two traditional song tracks on the album, but those are also among the best songs I’ve heard with Tim, and “Everything is gonna be ok” is magical in it’s naked simplicity. I like the instrumental tracks also and the ambience he creates, but sometime it feels too short, like if it stays with an idea I want to hear more of. To hunger for more after an album is not a bad rating, though.

Tim Schmidt on Tumblron Facebookon Spotifyon Wimpon Bandcamp

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