Folk and pop from Brother North, Alice Boman, Varjen and Luna Green

May 6, 2014 at 3:22 pm
Brother North

Brother North

Brother North – “Brother North” – album

I talked about the duo Brother North in the Autumn as they rolled out their first songs. Now they have released their debut album; eight songs of (mostly) acoustic singer-songwriter warmth spiced up with beautiful string arrangements. The earlier singles “Rain Song” and “Silent Running” are strong songs, but there are more gems to discover, like for example the grand-sounding “Skyward Light” or the romantic “Pool of Her”, which you can listen to here below. A beautifully shimmering debut with summer vibes.

Alice Boman – “Over”

Here’s a new single from Alice Boman, “Over”, taken from her upcoming EP, “EP II”. The song was recorded in her apartment by herself, in the same beautiful lofi-spirit as the earlier songs.

Varjen – “Against The Country”

Niklas Sibelius, or Varjen as he calls himself, will release his second EP “Against The Country”on the 9th of May. Four songs that makes me think of Tallest Man On Earth and which grow on me with each listen. It’s a dryer and and closer sound this time and a great follow-up to the last EP “Hardland“. Here’s the first single and the title track of the EP:

Luna Green – “Swedish Strawberries”

Luna Green release her second solo album tomorrow, “Swedish Strawberries”. Just like with the last album Niclas Frisk participates as a producer, co-writer and guitarist on some of the tracks. Here’s the title song, a seductive, smooth pop song, with quite a few Lana del Rey-vibes.

Indie-electropop and some folk pop from Wouie, Lon Rangur, Woolfish and Last Lynx

April 25, 2014 at 4:19 pm
Last Lynx

Last Lynx

Wouie – “It Is What It Is/Changes”

The duon Wouie release their songs in pairs, now for the third time this year. I like it, more good stuff for us. Apparently they are working on a full length album, due for release this summer.

Lon Rangur – “Spirit”

Lon Rangur is a duo which consists of William Laryea and Jack Elphick, two Londoners who moved to Stockholm. And their first song release, “Spirit”, with it’s catchy chorus frase and interesting electroindie-sound, certainly makes me want to here more from them.

Woolfish – “Tune of Time”

And the third duo today, Woolfish, Joakim Wiik och Samuel Heiligers, released the single “Tune of Time” earlier this week. The song is the opening track in the film “You Never Know“, which I told you about the other week, when I posted the premiere for Samuel’s solo debut with Songs of Sam. This song is something completely different from their earlier single “Files“; here we hear a soft, gorgeous acoustic pop with vocal harmonies and slowly rocking bossa rhythm that takes us through the song.

Last Lynx – “Curtains”

Last Lynx release the second single from the upcoming EP “Rifts”. It’s called “Curtains”, and I marvel at how they manage to produce one great track after the other.

Songs of Sam – “Julia” – premiere

April 11, 2014 at 12:40 pm

Songs of Sam

Here’s a premiere of a new single. We get a first glimpse of Songs of Sam’s new song “Julia”, which will be released officially on Sunday. Behind Songs of Sam we find Samuel Heiligers, earlier violin player in the indie band Monde Yeux. He’s kept this project going since his days in high school, but have so far only showed it in private circumstances. He made an exception, though, for the the independent movie “You Never Know” by Vi-Dan Tran, where you can hear his music.
Here’s “Julia”, a warm and beautiful acoustic waltz and a declaration of love:

Simon Norrsveden – “Bloodsucker Boy – live” – premiere

March 27, 2014 at 4:21 pm

I have the honour to show you another exclusive premiere today. It’s Sofar Sounds’ live recording of  Simon Norrsveden performing his song “Bloodsucker Boy“, a song I wrote about last month. It’s a wonderful, (almost) unplugged song version which emphasizes what a great song it is and what an interesting artist Simon is.
The video is a part of Sofar Sounds‘ series of intimate live recordings, which I wrote about yesterday. If you’d like to follow their recordings from Stockholm you can join Sofar Stockholm’s Facebook page.

Pop, lo-fi, Americana and punk rock from Suvi, Alice Boman, Karl Buhre and The Burglars

March 26, 2014 at 5:16 pm
Karl Buhre

Karl Buhre

Suvi – “Find You”

Suvi made quite an impression on the Internet last year with the single “Bleeding For Your Love“, especially on the music blogs. Now she’s back with the new song “Find You”; a song in the same spirit as before with eighties-influenced pop:

Alice Boman – “What”

Another artist that had her music played on plenty of music blogs last year is Alice Boman. Her dreamy, magical, simple home recordings in front of her piano hypnotized many of us. The EP “Skisser” was released in May 2013 and in June this year the songs from the EP will be joined with six new songs on the album “EP II & Skisser”. Here’s one of the new songs, “What”:

Karl Buhre – “Stealing Horses (Live)”

Now a live video, which is not too common here on Meadowmusic. We’ve heard Karl Buhre’s great voice before; in the band Alouatta and as a solo artist. Here he performs the song “Stealing Horses” live in a wonderful Sofar Sounds-production.
Since you’re reading this I guess you like discovering new artists. If you also like these kind of intimate live recordings I recommend to have a look at Sofar Sounds Youtube channel which is a veritable gold mine for this, with recordings from all around the world.

The Burglars

And now something completely different. It’s The Burglars who deliver plenty of energy and rock’n’roll in a couple of garagepunk-sounding songs. If you’re in Stockholm on the 2nd of April you can see the live on Kåken.

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