Alice Boman – “Burns” – video

January 15, 2015 at 5:19 pm

Here’s a new video from Alice Boman and her song “Burns”, created by film maker Christoffer Castor. He found a collection of 8mm film rolls in an abandoned cottage somewhere in the south of Sweden, filmed by some unknown person maybe 30 years ago. Some of the films were labeled “U.S.A”, which he recorded and used for this video.

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Simple Broken Boy – “Asphalt Night Train”/”Violent Playground”

November 19, 2014 at 3:04 pm

Simple Broken Boy

Here are two more songs from Simple Broken Boy’s forthcoming album, which I wrote about last month. Acoustic pop with gracious string arrangements.

Simple Broken Boy on Facebook – on Spotify – on Wimp

Simple Broken Boy – “No Need to Run”

October 21, 2014 at 8:54 am

Simple Broken Boy

Simple Broken Boy is a trio with the singer Magnus Dahlberg at the front. Magnus, who earlier sang in the band Sons of Sam, writes that Simple Broken Boys was born out of a depression and a subsequent 2 years long period of writer’s block. The debut single was released in Spring and shows a finetuned pop backed by string arrangements and acoustic guitars. It seems that they are working on an album, but I don’t know anything yet about the schedule for this. Here’s one of the two songs from the single, “No Need to Run”:

Simple Broken Boy on Facebookon Spotify – on Wimp

Dennis Camitz wants you to vote

September 9, 2014 at 1:22 pm

Later this Autumn Dennis Camitz will release the single “Blame”, but since we have elections in Sweden on Sunday he hurried to make an acoustic version and present it as a music video. He takes the opportunity to call on people to vote with the heart, for humanity and equality.

Because that’s how it is nowadays in Sweden. The most important issue we have to consider is if we want to defend our basic human rights and equal values for all, regardless of gender, origin, religion or sexuality, or if we want a society where we disregard this. A rather simple choice and an important one too I believe, even if you’re normally uninterested in politics. Every person that doesn’t vote will unfortunately leave more room for these dark ideas to influence our country. So, vote!

Dennis Camitz på Facebookpå Spotifypå Wimp

Folk Tuesday with Mount David, Manifestet, Crying Day Care Choir and Joe Fiddle

May 20, 2014 at 8:38 pm
Crying Day Care Choir

Crying Day Care Choir

Mount David – “Do Almost Anything”

If Mount David’s first single came with a breath of Van Morrison, the second single, “Do Most Anything” have a fragrance of Simon & Garfunkel and CSN&Y. Not bad at all.

Manifestet – “Hur det blev som det blev”

We’ve met Jonas Carping before as a solo artist and in The Glade. Now he’s created a new project, “Manifestet”, together with Martin Karlsson, and released the debut single. It’s called “Hur det blev som det blev”, and brings a strong vibe of classic Swedish folk-progressive music, but which comes out like a battle song for our time.

Crying Day Care Choir – “Leave the Kingdom” – album

Crying Day Care Choir recently released their debut album “Leave the Kingdom”. So bring a blanket and settle down on the green grass under the blue summer sky and the band will treat you with warmth, flowers, peace signs, smiles, sing-a-long and fellowship. Here’s the first single and video from the album, “Up & Away”:

Joe Fiddle – “Where I’ll Spend My Years”

Joe Fiddle, or Joe Nyström which is his real name, comes from Älvsbyn in the north of Sweden. For some time he’s made a living as a street musician in both Dubrovnik’s old city and at the pier in Santa Monica, but is now back in Sweden and Umeå. In the Autumn he’ll release his first record “Where I’ll Spend My Years”, and serves us a taste here with this single, “Where I’ll Spend My Years”, a song that has vibes of Bob Dylan and Tallest Man On Earth.

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