October 14, 2008 at 10:10 am

AurgrunnThe word master

Hello all publishers! I SAID: -HELLO ALL PUBLISHERS!!!
You have missed a sweet little pea here. A lyricist of absolute world class. Niklas Aurgrunn is his name. Remember that name, or pick up the phone right now. I say it only once, read my lips: – Niklas Aurgrunn is one of the best Swedish lyricists.

In this post I will try to emphasise the importance of writing good lyrics. Many tries, some have the gift, and others like Niklas are outstanding. He’s not only shaping some words, ready for delivery. His words reaches a dimension within you didn’t know existed. He hits the target and twists and turns.
When you have finished listening, you are no longer the same person. A good text transforms the listener to new heights. You learn something from a good text. A good text is like the sun in the sky. It warms you and carry you on further.

A few words from the author himself:

“Maybe it sounds like and maybe it is some kind of self legitimising incantation, but I do like it when it sounds a little off pitch and off beat, when I have to strain my voice to go up, I even think it’s fun when have to violate the melody to be able to sing the piece, ‘cause it is like that and have always been like that – I’m not a singer by any definition and certainly not a musician, but it took me a few decades to learn to like what happens when I sit down and with a poor ear, tune in randomly, it’s the way it should be, at least it’s how I should be. And they are fantastic songs in any case…”

Listen to Aurgrunn’s “Gare de Lyon Blues”:

Gare de Lyon Blues

Aurgrunn has collaborated with a lot of musicians, among them Tobbe Möller, whom we wrote post about before.

Here is a taste from another interesting collaboration with Miss Allena, “Vind” (“Wind”):


And this is how powerful it can sound when the producer Jonas Wickman takes on Aurgrunns work in “Bil på berget” (“Car on the mountain”):

Bil på berget

Aurgrunn is also a frequent blogger and also the author of several books. Unfortunately only available in Swedish so far.

Visit Aurgrunn on Myspace


October 7, 2008 at 2:08 am

AnnelieTough chick in electronic disguise

I would like to introduce Annelie. Her song “Fine” has been played a lot on my speakers these last weeks.

She sings and creates with such soul that I get overjoyed. It’s an artist that completely walks her own path and writes from outside herself and her innerness.

This is what she thinks about her creative process:

“My recordings are made in my home-made studio, and it is only my technical skills and eventually boundaries that controls, in other words I like to try everything!
Except playing piano and percussion, I also play litte bit of drums, bass and guitar.
I record and create beats with samples and my own recorded sounds.
Playing the piano and writing songs, frequently goes hand in hand, but I also write songs separately and make the instrumental settings and arrangements apart from the textwriting.
Well, that was some info about the creative process…”

She has been well noticed werever she has shown up, for example in TV4 morgon, she has been played in P3 and won a guitar by becoming the artist of the week at

This 21 year old doesn’t avoid collaborations that seems really exciting, such as the project “Conrad” which you can listen to at Allears. ( is announced  to be shutdown this week)

Annelie continues:

“Regarding collaboration partners I have links and information about them on my homepage (myspace-adresses and so on) – feel free to check them out!!
I’ve had a collaboration that’s now on hold but anyway, it’s an electronica project under the name “Conrad”. I’m also part of a remix project with a producer/dj who has made
2 new versions of 2 of my songs. We call ourselves “Treatment”.
If you like to know more about me there is a Myspace page too:Annelie på Myspace

Listen and enjoy:


Believe my words, this lady we’ll be hearing a lot from in the future. Driven with a huge talent according to me. Annelie finishes off with:

“I’ve got a band to play with, and we have gigs but more gigs are wanted!!”


October 6, 2008 at 8:00 am

SafariSafari is the lovely AnnaSara Dahrén with guests. I have talked to AnnaSara a couple of times, but never met her, yet it feels like I know her so well. The warmth and the kindness that comes from her I feel so well also in the music she creates.

In the production of the songs “Me and You” and “His Majesty”, AnnaSara have worked with Daniel Lindblom (DiLeva, Mora Träsk et al). The songs are very well balanced and produced in way that it feels very intimate. In “Me and You”, Christer Björklund plays the drums and Olle Nyberg the piano.

The song “In Time”, recorded with a pocket recorder, gives the same feeling, although entirely acoustic. This song is cowritten with Anette Skåhlberg (lyrics), and her father, Ingemar Dahrén, plays the guitar.

Three fantastic songs:
Me and You
His Majesty
In Time

Visit Safari
Safari on Myspace

Keep cool,

Siren On

October 1, 2008 at 8:00 am

Jonna Enckell, Siren OnJonna Enckell, singer in Project Hate MCMXCIX, has released her solo debut album “Siren On” under the same name as the title. And she has travelled far from the death metal areas where her band resides.

This is music made of far softer tones. It is a grand, piano-based music, with classical influences and bordering territories where Sarah Brightman has been the queen for quite some time.

Jonna has a very beautiful voice and it is very easy to dream yourself away to the melancholic melodies. I get images of vast landscapes, maybe of green Irish hills or the whipping waves against high cliffs, and I feel that this might as well be the soundtrack to a big epic movie.

Here you have four beautiful pieces to take in, listen to and download:

Purple Heart
The Gift

Visit Siren On and Jonna on her home page
and on Myspace

Staphan O’Bell

September 27, 2008 at 8:00 am

Staphan O'BellIt’s very easy to listen to Staphan O’Bell. It’s basic and airy and trips along in a happy way, like a calmer Aberfeldy. It seems impossible that Staphan would be able to perform a song in a heavyhearted way.

The light pop melodies are headed by Staphan’s smooth, relaxed voice, where the falsetto tones often appears in the refrains. Clearly I feel lighter after listening to Staphan O’Bell. Try for yourself after listening to the three tracks below.

If you recognise Staphan’s voice from before, then you may have listened to Dakkfoai or Familiar Faces, where he held the microphone before.

Listen and download:

Just Like Me
Fashion Street
I’m OK

Visit Staphan O’Bell on Myspace

Other great mp3 blogs about Staphan: Hits in the Car, Swedesplease, The Indie Music database

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