October 22, 2008 at 1:27 pm


foto: My Magnusson

On Valborg 2008 (Walpurgis night, swedish festivity), I went to Brännestad in Skåne, together with my collective “Kärlek-Framför-Allt” (“Love-Before-Everything”). When we arrived we came to a barn were we met a lot of nice people and the collective that lives there and that was behind the party.

A murderous bus as the place to sleep, a robust underground gramophone that picked up sounds from the earth, a bubble machine, a tipi tent and of course chopped wood that later that night would burn in the bonfire, with a fire show and Timothy the clown. Up in the barn there was a big stage where bands like Pulejam would get people going and set the atmosphere. Another dancefloor beneath the stage, with crunchy electronica and an open stage for the perceptional jammer.

Right there on the open stage I met Miranda for the first time. Both of us just as affected by alcohol and ready to improvise together. The girl that threw up in the sauna when everyone else was asleep, was obviously a star.

Time passed and spring turned into summer. I could see her name booked on Malmöfestivalen, Vinylbaren, as a supporting act for Detektivbyrån on Smålands Nation. I managed to miss her on Malmöfestivalen as her concert boat left before the scheduled time, so I had to wait until the gig at Vinylbaren…

With purple walls and a red ceiling, the golden frame surrounds beautifully the canvas filled with artists like Tom Waits, The Stone Roses, Nick Cave and in a few years also Miranda. The place is quite small, more ungracefully narrow. I place myself next to some people that’s drinking the first beer of the evening. It’s only a quarter to eight, so I order a Staropramen, call Pär Berglund and tell him the good news that Nöjesguiden has published an article about our blog Meadowmusic.se. Real soon I am about to listen to the voice that has haunted my head and the song “Polly Pocket”, that runs in repeat ever since.

She arrives on stage together with her beautiful mother on cello, and a bunch of skilled musicians playing accordion, guitars, bass and glockenspiel. She has her arm in plaster and brings Boris, her alter ego mannequin, up on stage. The first tones and Vinylbaren calms down to witness Miranda’s voice and performance.

Amsterdam (live) (Jaques Brel)

Well, she’s not quite anonymous as Tore Johansson has his ears on her and is interested in a collaboration. Miranda has the most beautiful voice of Malmö and can become a Swedish Édit Piaf if she wants to and you wouldn’t believe me if I told you her age…

Polly Pocket
Duet With the Clown
While I Run

Miranda on Myspace


October 22, 2008 at 12:57 am

AngelicaEven though I’m an old farm boy, she took my country virginity and gave me…a pair of Durango boots!

I wasn’t ready mentally yet but, physically more than ready that day, in april 2007, when she hi-jacked my ears. Allears.se was the name of the site, “Off You Go” was the name of the song and this is what my review looked like then:

“Angelica R “off you go” 9 READY!
The intro! MASH 4077…wonderful, borrowed/stolen*
Voice and presence!!! Verse 1 + 2 sneak, tickle and move me!
Then, in chor.#2: the darkest piano I’ve heard in a long time…It sets a subtle, fateful & mellow but, in the context, an appropriate tone of the song. Chor: Not a vivid major lift! But then exactly what fits song/lyrics. The voice, as always, close and genuine! Prod: Can’t find any errors! Lyrics: Note made up in any case! Good! I am foremost curious about the continuation of the success story! /Janne”

Listen and download yourself now:

Off You Go

The title alone could have been (mis)understood as a revulsion directed at me, but my rock tinnitus only understood that it was a genre crossing ballad, a classic!
Already then I threw praises and cyber hugs at Angelica, because of her way of, both vocally and lyrically, managing/interpreting the feeling of abandonment that everyone/many try to describe but few succeeds in…
Now, I was stuck in the mud…
Step #2 became:

Walk Me Home

which is a more trad. country, sort of balladish, but with a Swedish southern slow groove. And just when I had learned my lesson on repeat, Angelica released her first song in Swedish “Ensam kvar” (“Left Alone”) which you hear at Angelica’s Myspace page

Angelica’s site
Angelica on Myspace

Tomeu Alcover

October 21, 2008 at 1:00 pm

TomeuMusic through the fingertips

Intrumental music talks to me in quite a different way than when it’s accompanied by vocals and lyrics. It flows more freely through my ear canals and creates a contact with my emotional self. And Tomeu’s music makes my argentinian blood swell in lustfulness and makes me homesick. ‘Cause deep down, there lives an acoustic guitar.
In Tomeu’s music I can hear influences of flamenco, classical music, jazz, blues and world music. Originally he’s from Mallorca where he started his guitar lessons with Damià Timoner.

After a short jump to Barcelona he continued his education with the grammy winner David Rusell, and with the highly regarded Manuel Granados, and his assistant David Leiva. After this he travelled to Sweden, where he’s now working on his upcoming album with the drummer Robert Ikiz and the bass player Kristian Lind. The producer is Josep Umbria.

Solely for Meadow Music he has mixed down two tracks, but tells me to point out that these are not finished tracks, just a taste from the upcoming record. The album will be finished by next summer.

Leia’s Song
A Time In Barcelona

Listen more on his Myspace page

Agnes Mercedes

October 17, 2008 at 1:00 am

Agnes MercedesMusic+Play = Great creativity

I am in love. I fell head over heels for this sweet lady. My first thought was:
– What is this?
My second was:
– Geez, this is SOO cool!

This is truly creativity on a high level. Musical jumps, mixed with presentations of sounds that caresses and shakes you at the same time. Agnes’ ability to step outside the box entirely is admirable – to think that more artists would have that courage, and ability.

To me, Agnes’ music is a huge vitamin injection, a virtual “happy pill” that picks me up and makes me happy. Throw in Agnes in the Parliament and make all politicians happy – her love of sounds and words inspire and is truly contagious! A true and great artist.

She describes herself like this:

“I usually perform with a sort of melodic fairy tales, told in the made up language “sprak”. This language is a mixture of forgotten dialects. Words with a bitter, sweet and sometimes salty aftertaste. All within a frame of “sprinkle soundscape”. To abeat of percussion-like piano playing.

Here’s the place to download two of her creations:

Freezie Froze

Curious? Hear more? Visit Agnes Mercedes on Myspace

Want to know more about her? Go to her web site Ordfrosseri (in swedish)

Lollop Rose

October 14, 2008 at 11:00 pm

Lollop RoseLollop Rose is a six man band with a slightly unorthodox mix: besides guitar, bass and drums – you also find cello and accordion in the band. This is used to create music that is a blend of various influences but still unmistakeably molded into their own great style.

There is a very close and intimate acoustic feeling throughout and they mix songs that have drive and energy with more mellow songs that have a slight melodramatic touch. I get some folk vibes from the verses that are craftily turned into pop melodic choruses. I have to mention David Gustavsson’s vocals that have a strong expression which provides that little extra to make the songs take off properly.

From what I hear, they are even better live. And in a clip from the club Bara Unplugged, you can see some of their stage presence – as well as finally find out what happens backstage. :-)

Listen and download some songs:

This Is It

Visit Lollop Rose on Myspace to listen more and download songs.

Lollop Rose’s site

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