Lars Åhlund’s Second Coming – “Fire in Ödeshög”

May 4, 2011 at 2:36 pm
Lars Åhlund's Second Coming

Photo: Oscar Poulsen

“I usually describe my music as full of clichés. If someone else had used this term you’d perhaps interpret this as something negative, but I on the contrary love to play with the expected, and therefore I usually say like this:

Instrumental and improvised music doesn’t have to be difficult, simplicity doesn’t have to be boring. Surprise by playing the expected. The music should be like a Tarantino movie, – beautiful, violent and full of clichés.”

That’s how Lars Åhlund describe the music on Lars Åhlund’s Second Coming‘s new album “Fire In Ödeshög”. When I use the word cliché myself I mean something that is used by routine, without depth and maybe a little boring. And from that perspective Lars Åhlund’s Second Coming is quite the opposite.

I think that Lars Åhlund lack the ability to be musically boring and do something by routine, which I could hear already in his pop projekt Gocart System, which I have written about before. Now this is first of all about jazz, where Lars together with Joakim Simonsson, Markus Hängsel and Gustav Nahlin (plus some guests) explore jazz clichés from the past.

And it sounds anything but an old, worn expression, it’s rather a fresh, updated and fun jazz album which ventures into various jazz styles from the starting jazz blues “Vår Blues” to  70’s gangster movie themes to jazz proggressive music to funk- and pop flirts. Brilliant musicians where Lars’ playful saxophone with attitude lies in the front asking for attention. An album also, I think, that’s perfect for those that haven’t listened that much to jazz but are curious of what it’s about.

Listen to the album on Spotify and on a couple of more songs on Myspace. You can follow the band on their Facebook page.

Vår Blues

Case Conrad – “Dew Point”

December 17, 2010 at 3:52 pm

Case ConradEarlier we have seen Gustav Haggren in the band Gustav and the Seasick Sailors. Last year the band splitup, but luckily for us, Gustav has startet a new band, Case Conrad.

The debut album, “Dew Point”, which was recorded live in only two days, was released in October. Compare to the seasick sailors, this music has a different feeling, more dreamy, reflective, a little more mellow. And Gustavs voice is more sensitive and heartfelt than ever.

In November Gustav Haggren and the band’s guitar player Robert Johnson went to the US, with an ambition to tour across the continent during 4 months. You can follow the tour on their blog or on Twitter.

Case Conrad also has a Myspace page.

Hold Up This Song

Hold Up This Song:


September 10, 2010 at 3:05 pm

JärnmalmThere’s no doubt that Järnmalm have their roots in punk rock. And they present a nice Ebba Grön-punk in tracks like “Nu” from the EP “Ur Gruvan”, but overall they walk their own path. Hard rock comes into the picture as well as Swedish progg and there is an underlying Swedish melacholic feeling, which they like to relate to.

The songs are fascinating as they have unexpected elements which they interweave in an interesting way.  “Aldrig Där” is such a song, where a horror movie theme-melody carries the song. Forms into a really good hook.

In 2009 the demo CD “Trasdockor” was released, in spring the EP “Ur gruvan” was available and now recently in August the follow-up, “Till omvärlden”. Listen more on Spotify or visit their site or their Myspace page.

Here are two songs from “Ur gruvan” and a song from “Till omvärlden” (the last one):

Aldrig där
Vaggvisa för en rastlös själ

Oskar Gyllenhammar – 100 gigs 100 days

July 8, 2010 at 1:57 am

Oskar GyllenhammarI seldom write about tours in this blog, usually it’s about new releases and new songs. Today, though, I intend to do both.

It’s about Oskar Gyllenhammar and his tour “100 gigs 100 days”, which he started the 17th of May. Just before that he also released a single, a first taste of an upcoming album this fall. You can listen to the song, “Inga roller och manér”, here below.

The tour “100 gigs 100 days” started in the end of May with a number of gigs in Stockholm, and it’s not hard to understand from the name of the tour, that it’s about doing a gig each day until the 24th of August. But it doesn’t stop there; the ambition is to visit each region in Sweden and also visit the neighbouring countries Norway, Denmark and Finland, at least once.

On top of this, Oskar is also engaged to entertain at Café August in Hudiksvall each Thursday during summer. The gigs so far has been quite a variation, from club concerts, to festival gigs, to improvised park concerts.

This fun trip and it’s story is told on a special site for this tour, with film clips, photos and stories. If you want him to come and play, you can contact him on this site. (in Swedish though)

Read more about Oskar on his site (in Swedish).

Inga roller och manér

Inga roller och manér (acoustic):


December 7, 2009 at 5:43 pm

EpelectricIn August Epelectric opened for Moto Boy and Anna Maria Espinosa at Stockholms kulturfestival. Since then the band have been quite busy with a lot of gigs and in October they released their debut singel, the song “Founded”, which you can listen to here below.

It’s easy to get hooked on the energic rock they present with “Founded”, and apparently the music company X5 Music Group also got caught by the song, as they during the autumn signed a deal with Epelectric to collaborate in the year to come.

You can find Epelectric on their Myspace page or on Facebook.


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