October 31, 2014 at 4:55 pm


DesperatK is a duo hailing from Uppsala who have published their first songs this Autumn. It’s two songs that breathes post punk, new wave and synth pop, well there is strong vibe of the eighties from these two tracks. The two members call themselves August Silverman and Torgny Lagman. August was earlier a member of the band Light In Your Life and Torgny has appeared before under names such as Tactful Perfection or Triska. As the band info is rather sparse and there is a bit of mystique around the band I decided to ask August Silverman a few questions:

– Can you tell us something about the ideas behind the band?

– It started when me met and hung out together in Enköping in 2005, but the band in its present shape started out in 2010 when we were living together for a while. The idea is to make music that’s beautiful and that stands on its own legs, beyond our persons and beyond the degrading everyday life.

– The songs you have released so far have a certain vibe of the eighties, post punk and new wave. Is that something that inspires you or do you feel that you have your roots elsewhere?

– We have very different taste in music but of course the eighties dark punk and synth is something that lies close to our hearts. Otherwise I’m more of a rock and metal fan while Torgny has a fondness for techno and euro/trance. Those roots can of course be heard when we make songs.

– Where does the band name come from?

– From an old poem I wrote when I was about 15. It was rather melodramatic and contained the line: “my name is desperate master chef, and these are his knives”.

– Finally, what are your plans now?

– These two songs is a taste of a release in Spring, which will contain 4 or 5 songs, and some remix, and will be released on Spotify. We also hope that we will do our first live shows then – together with a band from Malmö called Solero.

– Thanks a lot for the chat August and best of luck in the future!

DesperatK on Facebookon Soundcloud

Rock party in Malmö

July 11, 2014 at 4:39 pm

Rock på KB i Malmö

The 19th of July Dead End Records invites you to a rock party at KB in Malmö. The want to open up people’s eyes in Malmö for new rock bands in a time when the already established acts are dominating the gig market. The bands that haven’t climbed to the top of the ladder are often struggling with a hen-and-the-egg-problem: no fanbase – no gig, no gig – no fanbase.

Dead End Records takes it into their own hands by showcasing four great bands that deserve a bigger audience. If you arrive between 19.00 and 20.00 it’s even free to enter, after that only 50 kr.

The four bands Demotional, Carubine, Deceptic and Supralunar span over a wide spektra of rock and metal:

Demotional serves a melodic metal with plenty of energy. The debut album “State: In Denial” was released last year and here’s the latest single “Illusions”, released earlier this year.

Carubine is a trio that mix influenses from the seventies’ hard rock with alternative rock and grunge from the nineties, into their own brew with a great groove. Here are two of their singles.

Supralunar is a band I’ve written about before, and they also bring some influences from the seventies to the table where they blend it with nineties’ rock, but with more focus on vocal harmonies and catchy melodies. “People Like Us” here below is a great example. New album this Autumn.

Deceptic has only presented an album teaser this far, but it sounds interesting to say the least. Progressive metal with grand-sounding choruses is one description of the album which will be released at the end of August.

Electro pop with Johan Reinhold, HvH, White Birches and a Square ska-rock blast

April 30, 2014 at 4:44 pm
Johan Reinhold

Johan Reinhold

Johan Reinhold – “Feel For You”

“Feel For You” is Johan Reinhold’s warm tribute to his mother, who passed away a year ago of cancer. Here you’ll also find the explanation to why Johan took a pause from the music, even though he was in the middle of the success with his songs, among them “Shoot Me Down“, which I wrote about. He writes that he went through a hard time and he yearned for the opportunity to be able to tell his mother how much she meant to him. He did this in the best way possible: with this song.

The song is also his way of picking up his music career where he left it, and is one of the two songs of the single “Closing Doors”, due for release May 12th. All net proceeds will go to charity to help fight cancer.

HvH – “Cause of Your Destruction”

HvH stands for “Hammar village heights” and is the name of a new indie trio from the outskirts of Stockholm. Their debut single is called “Cause of Your Destruction”, a hymn-like electro pop song, rather naked but yet grand. The song is also a part of a new election campaign album for F! (Swedish feminist party). It’s an album with songs from 65 artists, well known as well as less known artists, among them Robyn, The Knife, Nina Persson, Crucified Barbara, The Bear Quartet, Ane Brun and many others. A quite unique initiative in Swedish politics.

White Birches – “Stands of White Birches” – EP

The electro pop duo White Birches, Jenny Gabrielsson Mare and Fredrik Jonasson, promised us an EP this Spring, and now they’ve fulfilled that promise with the new four-track collection “Stands of White Birches”. It’s about dark, dreamy, beautiful melodies and with a sort of muffled electro pop sound. We’ve heard two of the songs before, and one of the songs “The End of The Line” was on my list of the best songs of last year. With the new “Take Me Dancing” they show us that their source of inspiration is certainly still there:

Square – “The Reversed Spanish Chair”

It’s been almost six years since I wrote about the band Square. They are now in the process of releasing their fourth album “The Reversed Spanish Chair”, and I notice that they haven’t lost any energy since the last time. Not the least, and they’ve been doing this since 1998, music that could be described as a mix of garage rock and ska with a turbo engine built into it. I’d even say that they sound better than ever.

I said that they were in the process of releasing the album, which actually means that they are releasing the album song by song; every other week a new track is presented until August later this year. So far they’ve shown us three songs. Here are two of them:

The Spiny Normans, Lejonsläktet, The Tarantula Waltz, Iris & Hedvig, Rökmorsa och Manor Rungs

April 22, 2014 at 4:43 pm
The Spiny Normans

The Spiny Normans

I receive more great music than ever, so I’ll kickstart this week with six releases:

The Spiny Normans – “Waiting For the Storm” – EP

The Spiny Normans are based in Stockholm but have some of their roots in Åland. They released the debut EP in the Autumn, which will be available on Spotify and other services in a couple of weeks. I’d say it’s about folk inspired pop with a certain sense of drama. Here are two songs:

Lejonsläktet – “In och ut” – EP

The duo Lejonsläktet, whom I talked about last month, have released their debut EP now, full of great psychadelia with a vibe of Jämtland. Here’s the starting track “Ett svagt hopp om” from the EP:

The Tarantula Waltz – “Scandinavian Minds”

The Tarantula Waltz has released this Americana-sounding single from the new album “Tinder Stick Neck”, his third album which is being released this week.

Iris & Hedvig – “The Watcher & The Mind”

Here’s a new interesting young pop duo, Iris & Hedvig, with the debut single “The Watcher & The Mind”.  The song was produced by Christina Wehage, whom we’ve met before in her own project Be The Bear.


Rökmorsa is one of the projects the trio Pontus Björlin, Anders Åkesson and August Sörensons have been working on. They have collected 12 songs they recorded already in 2008 on the album “Forever’s Gonna Start Tonight”. It’s instrumental, experimental and a blend of influences from now and then. Here are two tracks:

Manor Rungs

The producer deadbeat has written songs and produced music for other artists before, for example electronica artist Compute and The Girl & The Robot. Now he’s grabbed the microphone himself and released seven songs under the name Manor Rungs. It’s a quite special blend of electronica and rock in Swedish, with some instrumental breaks. Listen for yourself:

Brother North – “Rain Song” – premiere

December 13, 2013 at 11:33 am

Brother North

I’m starting the day with a single premiere here on Meadowmusic. It’s the duo Brother North who are releasing the song “Rain Song” today, their first official single release. There’s a b-side too, “Krummi”, which is sung in Icelandic.

The duo Freyr Flodgren and Lucas Enqvist have known each other since they were ten years old, and they say that they more or less have been living together as brothers since then. They are living together today in a collective in the home town Umeå, a collective which has become something of a gathering point for musicians in their town. The song “Rain Song” feels like a natural step from what we’ve heard before, and now with beautiful string arrangements added, their acoustic music feels enchantingly nature romantic, and Freyr’s warm, open vocals have really found a home in these surroundings.

Brother North on Facebook – on Soundcloud

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