Catching up – Pop from Stars In Coma, Nuoli, Beatrice Eli and more

June 16, 2014 at 4:32 pm
Stars In Coma

Stars In Coma

Stars In Coma – “The Confessional Sun” – album

In March I hinted about Stars In Coma’s new album “The Confessional Sun”, which was subsequently released on the 30th of April. The basis of the album is front man Andre Brorsson’s mourning process after his father’s death in 2012. He throws himself into the music from the seventies and the eighties, into the music his father played for him. He takes on progg, pop, soul from his very own angels and lands with a fascinating album. Here are two of my favourites:

Nuoli – “My Curse Is My Mind”

Here’s Nuoli’s debut single from earlier this Spring, “My Curse Is My Mind”:

Jack Moy & Glöden – “Charlies Bird”

Jack Moy & Glöden’s latest single “Charlies Bird” visualised in a 48h sightseeing in Budapest:

Beatrice Eli  – “Girls”

Great single and video from Beatrice Eli:

Jonay – “On the Beach”

Jonay has managed with the achievment of joining Vine clips from more than 200 contributors into a text-illustrative music video. He claims it’s the world’s first Vine music video. Cool song too.

Miryam Solomon – “Evergreen” – EP

Miryam Solomon left Malmö for London and released her debut EP “Evergreen” this Spring. It’s  jazz and world music with soul, folk and pop vibes. Wonderful music, wonderful voice. Here are two songs:

Waitress – “Young In Mind”

Here are the first two singles from the Danish-Swedish trio Waitress. Indie pop with vibes of Phoenix and MGMT.

moodblanc – “Something”

The Duon moodblanc, hailing from Göteborg andTrollhättan, with their latest, eighties-soul-sounding single “Something”. The song is also chapter 5 in a love story that takes place on the French Riviera. You can read and listen to the story from the beginning on their site.

Catching up – Electro pop from For BDK, Sameblod, Me The Tiger and more

June 11, 2014 at 1:52 pm
Me The Tiger

Me The Tiger

Today I’m starting a series of posts with music from 2014 I haven’t had the time to publish yet. Well, new releases and even some older from last year will join the ride too. The stream of new music to my inbox has increased dramatically since a year back and it feels like I’m only scratching the surface. Rather than letting them go I feel I want to present as much as I can of this music, music I love just as much as everything else I’ve showed you earlier. So, less text and more music for a while now, which is hardly a problem I believe. I’m starting today with electro pop and music in the vicinity of this genre.

For BDK – “For Body Drugs & Kicks”

The duo For BDK  with a dark, melodic and grand electro pop. They released the debut album “For Body Drugs & Kicks” May 30th. Here are two earlier tracks:

Sameblod – “Suddenly”

Here’s a new single from Sameblod, “Suddenly”:

Me The Tiger – “As We Really Are”

The trio Me The Tiger’s latest single “As We Really Are” is one of the songs that has affected me most this year. I can see in the singer Gabriella Åström’s eyes what the song is about; in the resignation, in the discomfort as she walks across empty school yards, in the sadness. When the chorus starts, marked with distorted tom punches like echoes from a broken soul, it’s like being punched by frustration and anger, punches that make their way to my heart and turn into sympathy. The strongest I’ve heard so far from Me The Tiger. The band write about the song:

The band’s songwriter Tobias has been working several years with young people who have dropped out of school and that have lived with various forms of mental illness during large parts of their lives. ”As We Really Are” is their story about being outside the normal society, about being tossed between authorities without any results and about being seen meerely as a number in the statistics with little hope for the future.

Albakin – “Open Casket”

“Open Casket” is the name of the band Albakin’s beautiful debut single, a “tale about lost teenage dreams and a longing for getting out in the world”.

Iberia – “Iberia” – album

The producer duo Iberia, Alexander Palmestål and Maja Milner (singer and songwriter in Makthaverskan), released their debut album earlier this Spring. Here are two songs from the album:

Callenberg – “Obie, I Hope You’re Right”

Playful, laidback synth pop from Callenberg in the single “Obie, I Hope You’re Right”:

Till Death – “Wasted Roses”

Instrumental rock electronica from Till Death:

Urban Ninjas – “At Night I Dream”

Soul vibes from the eighties in “At Night I Dream” from Urban Ninjas:

Dödens Dal med Jenny Wilson – “Under lager av is”

Dödens Dal have invited their favourite singers to add vocals to Dödens Dal’s songs from the latest album “Korsa Jord, Luft, Is”, which will end up in a new album to be released in the Autumn. First up is Jenny Wilson in the song “Under lager av is”:

Social Ambitions – “Judgement Day”

More great synth pop from Social Ambitions in the latest single “Judgement Day”

Awesound – “Let the Rain Fall”

Peter Wickström isn’t just good at interviewing artists or at being a great singing coach, he’s also an artist and a songwriter to be reckoned with, which he shows in the latest single “Let the Rain Fall”:

Pop Thursday with KLoN, Saintway, Beat the Heart and Caravan Cult

May 22, 2014 at 7:06 pm


KLoN – “För högt/Hade du vart kvar”

We’ve met Jonnie Holmberg before as a drummer in Lilla Milo, a band I wrote about earlier this Spring. He has formed the producer duo KLoN together with Johannes Hansson, a duo that work with the conept that each song is sung by a different artist. So far they have released two singles, “För högt” and “Hade du vart kvar”, sung by Andrea Hatanmaa and Jonnie Holmberg repectively. It’s wonderful mix of soul funk and pop with a more contemporary angle on the the first one and a retro-seventies vibe on the second song. Listen for yourself:

Saintway – “It’s Over now”

The two brothers John and Adam Kristiansson, hailing from Lund, form the duo Saintway. A couple of weeks ago they released the debut single, “It’s Over Now”, a well produced track which breathes of countrypop, decorated with beautiful melodies and neat vocal harmonies.

Beat the Heart – “Waiting For a Sequel” – EP

I bumped into the band Beat the Heart a couple of times last year, and their “Glebe Market” became a favourite of mine. They have a new EP out now, “Waiting For a Sequel”, with grand, ambient pop, from which I’d be happy to share a couple of tracks with you:

Caravan Cult – “Escape the Looney Bin”

Here are two songs from Caravan Cult’s debut EP “Escape the Looney Bin”. It’s a great debut from the band, with a pleasant melancholy in their indiepop/rock, a bit in the direction of The National.

Pop, soul and night escapades with Slow Show, Natten, The Mondanes, Colleagues and Ronnie

March 31, 2014 at 4:20 pm
The Mondanes

The Mondanes

Slow Show – “Nowhere”

A couple of days ago the indiepop duo Slow Show released the energetic and uplifting song “Nowhere”. The song is a remake of an earlier version from 2010, and was recorded together with eight other new songs in August last year.

Natten – “Omen” – EP

I wrote about the quartet Natten in the Autumn. Now they are back with new instrumental night escapades on the new EP “Omen”. With their mix of jazz, electronica and other influences they have carved out their own unique style, their own ambience, which I recognize when I listen. Imaginative and sometimes with a filmic vibe. Listen to the EP here:

The Mondanes – “Silver Spoon (live session)”

The Mondanes is a new quitet hailing from Göteborg. Here they are with the song “Silver Spoon” in a nice Byrds-vibing live session.

Colleagues – “Tears”

The band Colleagues doesn’t exactly pour out songs on the market, even though they have received quite some attention from the two songs they have released so far. “Parent’s House” came out in the Autumn 2012 which was followed by the music video “Visits” a year ago, and now the song “Tears” with an exuberant electro-indiepop.

Ronnie – “Angels”

You may have heard Ronnie Hagstedt before in the house duo The Lab Wizard or as the singer in the hard rock band Optimystical. On the new solo single “Angels” he also shows us that he’s got some soul vibes in his great voice, in a song that feels like classic souldisco in a modern costume.

Three facets of indie pop from Dream Curtain, Faråker and Lilla Milo

March 4, 2014 at 5:15 pm
Lilla Milo

Lilla Milo

Dream Curtain – “Unknown Ends”

I’ve written before about William Hamparsomian and his solo project Dream Curtain. Yesterday he finally released the excellent debut album “Unknown Ends”. And it feels good with an entire album  from William, where we get to explore more of his dreamy, hypnotic soundscape, which we recognize some of before. Here it’s also mixed with quite a dose of analogue electro pop with nice melodies, at least in a more obvious way than before. You can listen to and dowload the album on his Bandcamp page.

Faråker – “Sista fajten”

Faråker har just released a new single, “Sista fajten”. It’s pop in his characteristic dialect from Blekinge, but angrier and rawer than ever before. The strongest track I’ve heard so far from Faråker.

Lilla Milo

Lilla Milo is a band that started out in Malmö, but where some of the members are living in Stockholm today. Since they began in 2010 they have released threes singles, a couple of videos and toured around Sweden on clubs and festivals. When I listen I get a lot of soul vibes, a lot of them coming from the singer Cosima Lamberth’s wonderful soulful voice. Here are two of the singles and also a great live recording of the song “Du sa”, a song that hasn’t been released yet.
I’d like to add that the drummer Jonnie Holmberg, from the band, has started a blog about the music scene in Malmö which is worth reading. Recommended if you’re intrested in this, and know how to read Swedish.

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