Bad Sneakers

October 10, 2008 at 2:43 pm

“Bad Sneakers” is a song from the classic album “Katy Lied” by Steely Dan. And it’s also in these music regions we find the band Bad Sneakers from Lund. A classical 70s light-soul-funk is mixed with a nice and clean Steve Winwood soul from the 80s, on ther first EP.

There are nog big surprises here, and it’s probably not the intention either. Instead they deliver a nice and easy feeling, that makes the atmosphere in the room seem a little lighter, as I’m sitting here watching the autumn rain sweeping in over the landscape outside.

I get impressed as I read that the four band members started the band as late as November 2007 and that they are between 19 and 21 years old. Since the start they have landed quite a few gigs and lately they have played at the Malmö festival and Kulturnatten in Lund.

Listen to two tracks from the Bad Sneakers EP:

I Want You Out
On the Wings of Dreams

Visit Bad Sneakers on Myspace and listen to more tracks.

Juka Soma

September 16, 2008 at 11:00 am

Juka Soma has a very special voice. A voice I know I’ll be able to recognise among thousands of other voices. And he uses it in a way that reminds me of old heroes like John Hiatt, Van Morrison, Willy de Ville and Curtis Mayfield. He doesn’t follow some kind of template, he just let the song and the feeling of the song pass through his voice. It’s human and warm.

Musically I find myself in the States, where the influences from the mentioned heroes is recognised in the songs to various degrees. The lyrics have a personal feeling and it feels very close. It’s beautiful, with nice melodies that lead into refrains that hook me up the first time I hear them.
This is feelgood rock with a big touch of soul, a type of soul that the masters from before delivered.
It makes me happy to listen to Juka Soma. I hope you will feel the same.

Richest Man Alive
Stay In the Circus

Visit Juka Soma:

Juka Soma on Myspace

Lasse Söhr

August 11, 2008 at 11:06 am

Lasse SöhrAs a producer, songwriter and brilliant bass player, you most often find Lasse Söhr behind the scenes.  So I thought it would be appropriate to put the spotlight on this great musician.

On the musical menu you will most often find music from the pop, rock, countryrock and soul genres, with a lot of variation, coming from his feeling for what a song really is about. From his latest works you can find collaborations with Jan Johansen, Isak Strand, Christian Müller, Tobbe Möller et al.
I should of course also mention the songs of Marwins, the joint project with the fantastic singer and coproducer, Magnus Löfström.
Below you’ll find two great songs by Marwins:
Night Time Magic
Have You Ever

Meet here also Lasse’s band Topeledo, in this song collaborating with another great singer, Jan Johansen:
Do What You Gotta Do
(Micke Ajax-drums, Janne Eriksson-slide guitar, Lasse Varteva-guitars and backing vocals, Jan Johansen-vocals and mix, Lasse Söhr-bass, guitars and backing vocals, Lyrics & Music-Lasse Varteva & Lasse Söhr):

Together with  Pär Enqvist, Lasse Söhr was behind the fund raising campaign for a swedish charity fund for children’s rights, “Insamling till Barnfonden” that started in December 2007. The campaign was centered around the song “Stark och fri” (“Strong and Free”), where all revenues from the song was collected for the fund.
Stark och Fri
(performed by Lasse Söhr, Lars Strandberg, Lars Varteva, Pär Enqvist, Lyrics-Pär Enqvist, Music-Pär Enqvist & Lasse Söhr)

Listen more to Lasse Söhr:
Lasse Söhr on Myspace
Lasse Söhr on

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