Industri Royal – Tacky Skills

January 16, 2009 at 7:39 pm

Industri Royal“Pop in 110 mph” my collegue Jesper described the music of Industri Royal, as he presented Industri Royal last summer. The 28th of January Industri Royal will release their notified debut album “Tacky Skills” (Alleycat Records), and after having listened beforehand, I find that there’s no reason to change Jesper’s overall description.

Even if it doesn’t feel retro in the sound, I would like to add the vibes of Ramones, New Wave and sometimes even the Rolling Stones of the seventies (before the disco period) and surf pop to the description. It’s a great album, full of energy, and I’m certain that no one that has heard Industry Royal before will be disappointed.

“Location Location Location” was in our earlier post, and here you get another song from “Tacky Skills”, “The Beat Boy”. Other brilliant songs are “I Can Keep a Secret” and “Lie Lie Lie”. The release party takes place the 23 of January at Scharinska in Umeå. Go there and be part of the nice euphoria in a record release. Read more about it on Industri Royal’s site and on their Myspace page.

The Beat Boy

Apoteket Apan

January 8, 2009 at 5:56 pm

Apoteket ApanIt feels liberating to listen to Apoteket Apan. Even with lyrics somtimes loaded with anxiety (or maybe because of that?), that is how I feel. Musically liberating, where they seem to be able to take on anything with ease, and still maintain a feeling for what this band is about. Maybe it’s Jonas Furberg’s characteristic, intense vocals or the brilliant lyrics or the attitude that does it.

It’s often indie pop with a punk attitude, sometimes dance inspiring, often fascinating and with a nice drive and they have that great sense of creating the musical and lyrical hooks that stick in my mind. They use guitars, synths, brass, choirs and whatever the songs seem to demand. Musical fantasy at it’s best, fun, liberating.

Apoteket Apan has a great site (in Swedish) where you can listen to and download all their music. If you like the band you should also follow their blog (also in Swedish) , where they present new tracks, new videos and tell you what is going on.

Two of the songs below, “Processen, Livet, Byråkratin” and “Ska det vara så svårt då?”, come from their latest EP “Det är något med den där ödsligheten”, while “En annan plats” is a singel that was released last summer.

Zinkensdamm (from “Det är något med den där ödsligheten”)

Processen, Livet, Byråkratin
Ska, det vara så svårt då?
En annan plats


November 25, 2008 at 1:00 pm

SkumdumCould Skellefteå be the city that produces most bands with quality in Sweden? Well, Skumdum is another one of those. They say themselves that they are too much punk rock to be skaters and to much skaters to be punk rockers. In any case I think that they are perfect for a music lover.

Skumdum succeeds in a great way to combine the punk rock and rock with folk music (yes really), so that the result feels interesting and dynamic. I find influences in everything from Green Day, to Mano Negra. I also have a soft spot for the vocal adds, which makes it feel like singalong in the choruses.

The band sang in Swedish until around 2004-2005, but is now singing in English since they needed new challenges and also because they wanted to reach a bigger audience.

Skumdum has been around for 16 years and released 4 albums, where the latest one, “Two Sides of the Story”, will be released the 28-29 of November in Skellefteå. Below you’ll find a track from this album, “Proud Minority”, along with a couple of tracks from earlier albums.

A big disgrace:

Proud Minority
War Is Money

Skumdum on Myspace
Skumdum on Lastfm

Keep cool,

Ninja Dolls

November 20, 2008 at 1:00 pm

If you compare bands like for example Monster Magnet, Terrorvision, Rocket from the Crypt and Marilyn Manson with many other hard grinding hard rock bands, you’ll find that the big difference is that the first mentioned bands have melodies that hooks you up instantly. And the band Ninja Dolls from Falun also has this quality. They speed up and hit hard (just listen to the drums in “Don’t Come Too Close”, and they also have a sense for melodies. Combining this with the really cool vocals from the singer Vicky makes it even better!

Ninja Dolls started in 2001, they have released an album “Cheap Tricks and Lies”, played over 100 gigs and have been the band of the month in P3 Rockster (radio show on Swedish national radio). In the beginning of 2009 they will release the EP “HeyHeyHey” (Poison Tree Records) and after that they will tour in Holland and Germany.

I wish that the video for “Don’t Come Too Close” will be made in Manga style…that would have been so cool ;-)

Enjoy a video and two tracks:

Run and Hide:

Don’t Come Too Close

Ninja Dolls’ Official site
Ninja Dolls on Myspace

Keep cool, Jeppe


November 11, 2008 at 1:00 pm

SquareFascinating is just the first name when it comes to Square. My legs start moving and I wish I was transferred to a party scene at a festival somewhere so I could enjoy it fully. And I don’t even like to dance.

I could start some kind of description of their music by calling it high-speed ska. But it’s ska like you’ve never heard it before. Rock, punk and a lot of other influences perfect this to a mixture I have never heard before. Brass players that have to work real hard, a great rhythm section, nice guitars and a singer that gives so much that I can hear the sweat pouring.

They have released two albums before and a third album is being released the 21st of November. Here you can listen to some tracks from the album.

L-l-l-let Us Into Mama’s House!:

Mr P and His Pushy Machine
HC Bad

Read more about Square on their site and blog
and listen more on their Myspace page

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