Roshambo – Hey Humbug

January 19, 2011 at 9:38 am


Here we have a band that plays indierock/alternative if they were about to describe their style themselves. But I have do disagree and say that it is more like pop/punk. But that’s what’s tough about music, to categorize it.

Roshambo was founded 2009 in Karlskrona and have already released an EP and right now they are recording new material. The EP starts off with a short acapella track and the next song is a really nice punk song!, also the best track on the EP, then there follow 3 other songs, but they are more “poppy”. Nothing that get stuck in my head directly, but they grow as I listen to them.

Roshambo wanted us to push a bit for their poppier songs but my advice to you is to log on to Spotify and look up their EP and listen to PR Swine. It rocks!

Roshambo can also be found on Myspace!

Brand New Shoes
Marcus WTJ

Promise Divine

December 21, 2010 at 5:32 pm

This is good shit! It doesn’t sound Swedish at all; when I hear these I dudes I think USA and radio friendly punk. A little bit like Sum 41, but absolutely not in a bad way at all. It feels tight and has a really nicely shaped sound, so no shitty rock n’ roll sound as often heard today. It’s like it’s made for an audience outside of Sweden. This makes me think that they may have a chance at a career in the US. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for Promise Divine!

Promise Divine was founded in 2005. And since the start they have toured in the US twice. They’ve exchanged some members and also released a full length album, which I didn’t listen to for long before I changed back to their forthcoming EP, which will be released on December 27th on Spotify, Amazon and iTunes. The EP release is digital only.

You can for the time being listen to one of the songs from the EP now on Spotify or at their site. But we’ll let you listen to another song already, “Me, In The Study, With The Revolver”, which is, in my opinion, the best song from the EP. So this is also the world premiere of that song here!
I’ve already put this release on my iPod. To me, Promise Divine is this years best upcoming Swedish band just right behind Royal Republic!

A Fairytale of Goodbye
Me, In the Study, With the Revolver

The Nature

October 5, 2010 at 2:38 pm

After I’ve been listening to polished rock and pop productions, it feels rather liberating sometimes to listen to someone who has put the polishing cloth away, that just plugs in the instruments and goes for it. The Nature could work well here.

Their punkish garage rock in Swedish, or garage punk if you prefer, feels like such an outlet. The members Zeta, Robban and André comes from the bands Alouatta, Makabert Fynd and Östermalm and started The Nature first as an experiment, without any decided direction.

Recently they released a split 7″ together with Ignatius, which is available also on Spotify, and they are now recording new material.

Listen more on their Myspace page. Hera are two songs:

Din Medicin


September 10, 2010 at 3:05 pm

JärnmalmThere’s no doubt that Järnmalm have their roots in punk rock. And they present a nice Ebba Grön-punk in tracks like “Nu” from the EP “Ur Gruvan”, but overall they walk their own path. Hard rock comes into the picture as well as Swedish progg and there is an underlying Swedish melacholic feeling, which they like to relate to.

The songs are fascinating as they have unexpected elements which they interweave in an interesting way.  “Aldrig Där” is such a song, where a horror movie theme-melody carries the song. Forms into a really good hook.

In 2009 the demo CD “Trasdockor” was released, in spring the EP “Ur gruvan” was available and now recently in August the follow-up, “Till omvärlden”. Listen more on Spotify or visit their site or their Myspace page.

Here are two songs from “Ur gruvan” and a song from “Till omvärlden” (the last one):

Aldrig där
Vaggvisa för en rastlös själ

Grande Roses

June 23, 2010 at 2:40 pm

Grand RosesGrand Roses was, to say the least, an interesting discovery. This spring they released their third EP “Say It to My Fervent Heart”, and it has become a favourite of mine. To make an attempt to describe their music I’d take a part of Glasvegas and mix it with a dose of attitude from Union Carbide Productions and also a sensation of mellow Americana.

Well, it sounds really good with strong tracks and a singer who strikes the right nerve and has a nice darkness in his voice. Listen some more on their Myspace page and on Spotify.

Their second EP, “The Farm”, is also available on Spotify and on their Myspace page. Here are two songs from “Say It to My Fervent Heart”:

A Place to Love
The Astronaut

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