Brotherhood – “…Turn The Gold To Chrome…”

September 13, 2012 at 5:44 pm


The duo Brotherhood released their debut album “…Turn The Gold To Chrome…” in Spring. It’s about goth rock and new wave with a lot of inspiration from the eighties with references to bands like Sisters of Mercy, The Cure and Joy Division.

It’s an even and really enjoyable album which grows the more I listen. I can’t find any songs which make me directly go around humming the chorus, even if there’s a lot of good melodies and figures. The guitar production impresses me the most, which is varied, tasty, have a great sound and carries many of the songs.

Here below you’ll find two of the nine songs. You can find Brotherhood on their site and on Facebook. Listen to the album on Spotify, on Wimp or on Bandcamp.


Lovers Forgive Me – “400 slag”

February 17, 2012 at 12:20 pm

Lovers Forgive Me

Tobias Bergholm’s solo project, Lovers Forgive Me, is back with a new EP, “400 slag” (“400 Beats”). This EP differs quite a bit from the debut EP I wrote about earlier. The lyrics are now entirely in Swedish and the album feels more coherent. It’s also a different kind of darkness in these songs that have vibes partly from eighties’ new wave and partly from Swedish pop melancholy with a strong expression. And the songs have quite strong hooks too, especially the title song “400 slag” and the song you can listen to here below, “Kärleksdöden” (“The Death of Love”).

I also took the opportunity to ask Tobias about the artist name, and he told me that the name came up 6 years ago when a band he had joined was going to be baptised. One of the suggestions was “Lovers Forgive Me”, but in the end another name was chosen. He got the idea when he was working in a clothes shop, where they were contantly playing music. He heard a song from the band Her Majesty with the line “Forgive me, Lovers Forgive Me for I am weak”. Right then, after he had just ended a relationship the words got to him. And when he was going to name his solo project 2 years ago, the line popped up again and just like Her Majesty named their band after a Beatles song, he named his project after one of their songs.

You can follow Lovers Forgive Me on Facebook. The EP is available on Bandcamp or on Spotify.



January 27, 2012 at 2:05 pm


Joakim Jakobsson is a former member of The Search and last year he started the band Duellen (The Duel) together with Argentinian Brian Biezki. Brian soon left the band and instead the former The Search-members Tina Bergström and Mikael Saltzman plus Olle Bilius (Jeniferever) and Simon Lundström entered the band. Then in december the five-track debut EP was released.

It’s indie pop in Swedish, rather darkly colored, radiating with vibes from the eighties’ new wave scene. They vary smoothly from synth based songs to guitar driven ones without losing the atmosphere. Straight melodies that stick quite fast on a good EP that promises more.

You can listen to the EP on Duellen’s Bandcamp page and on Spotify. You can follow the band on Facebook.


Storbritannien – “Krita”

January 20, 2011 at 10:00 am

StorbritannienThe sound from the early eighties’ electronica and new wave echoes very clearly from the trio Storbritannien’s debut EP “Krita”. In spite of the old references it feels quite fresh and in a way authentic, like if they were some kind of darker predecessor to Lustans Lakejer.

The EP cointains four good songs all with a little different character, in Swedish, but if we’re talking about hit potential they have created a great hook in the chorus of “Säg det högt”.

Apparently new songs are coming up, as they have recently finished the recording of a new EP. If you’d like to keep track of this and listen to all the songs on “Krita”, you can find Storbritannien on Myspace.

Säg det högt

The Courage

June 7, 2010 at 2:18 pm

The CourageThe Courage is the name of Jesper Jonsson’s solo project. For two years he’s been working on his debut album and this April it was finally released.

About the album lyrics: “The lyrics for the songs on my first album describes my own metaphysical universe where I use symbols from eastern philosophy, Jungian psychology and noir movies, to tell the story of a small guy lost in a big city full of confused people.”

The music is an exciting mix, where I hear new wave, electro, soul and great pop tunes. On several tracks I can feel the vibes from an experimenting David Bowie. Here are two songs from the album:

Brave Enough
Everything Falls

You can listen to more from The Courage on Myspace and also on Spotify

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