(Ta)Basko Stockholm

October 21, 2008 at 1:28 am

Basko StockholmThe name of the band was Tabasco Stockholm when they started in 2006. But after receiving a couple of rather less joyful letters from the legal representatives of a certain sauce brand, they decided to change the name to Basko Stockholm.

The original name came from that the association of the spicyness of their music. And spicy it is. And playful, lively and with a lot of musical joy. And this joy they have shared with the people in Stockholm in quite a few appreciated gigs for a couple of years.

Here you’ll find a nice blend of pop, rock, a lot of back beat and a real dose of latino feeling. I have to mention the brilliant guitar play, which doesn’t hesitate to break in with great sounding solos.

On their site you can listen to and download all their recorded music. You can also read their story and watch their videos. And on their Myspace page you can listen more and talk to the band.
JRight now they are recording a new EP with seven tracks., and you can follow their work, track by track on their home page.

Listen to three great songs:

Love and Caffeine
Good Luck Charm

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