The Grand New Wrong – “Seconds”

March 6, 2012 at 5:36 pm

The main influence for The Grand New Wrong is the grunge era with the prominent figures Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam et al. And this is also evident when you listen to the band’s latest EP “Seconds”, which was released last year. “Seconds” is their second EP, and a new single is also on it’s way; a single you can listen to on their site.

The bass player Björn Granat tells me that the band name had been on his mind even before the band was formed. The Grand New Wrong stands for his view that a lot of things that before were part of the standard values like solidarity, compassion, real music and more, nowadays is considered to be taboo, wrong and abnormal.

You can listen to their music on Spotify and follow them on their site or on Facebook. Here is the first track on “Seconds”


Kokong – “Science Loves Pudding”

March 11, 2011 at 3:30 pm

Kokong“Soundgarden goes psychedelic folk-prog” somebody said about Kokong‘s album “Science Loves Pudding”. The band describe the music as a mix of sex and sudoku and that they had the ambition to create music without any fixed boundaries. The band, or the duo, consists of Niclas Peterson and Tom Lindström.

I think that the quote above is a good reference point from where it all starts, somewhere in the nineties’ grunge-post-grunge, but then it takes of in various directions and I get all sorts of associations in the songs. Like for example in “Knife Attack” below, where it almost seems like Tom Waits was  around when they recorded the song.

Exciting and interesting album to listen to, which you can do on Spotify or on You can also find the band on Facebook.

Knife Attack

Stone Carpet – The Sound of a Thousand

February 21, 2011 at 10:00 am

This single caught my attention, a nice intro and the music is a bit heavy with a touch of grunge. The vocals are very nice and have a lot of melody. The A-side of this single is the better one of the 2 songs there is, which you can listen to here below.

Stone Carpet has released an EP before but with a different line-up. This time they say it’s a fresh start and there’s nothing holding them back, just full steam ahead. This single is worth a shot if you happen to like rock with melody.

Stone Carpet’s site can be found here, and their single on Spotify can be found here.

The Sound of a Thousand

Icke Lika Med

December 31, 2008 at 5:57 pm

As you have noticed, we have been away for a week here at Meadowmusic. So I thought that it was an excellent occasion today to start anew by wishing you all a happy new year, with music.

Thanks to everyone who read the blog and thank you for all support, all mail discussions and comments. I am looking forward to a new fantastic year in 2009, with a lot of new music, some of it to be presented here.

As an inspiration for the new year I thought that Icke Lika Med would be a perfect choice. Icke Lika Med, with front man Olle Torpman, is a band I really love; for the music, but also for being who they are. And something that I think we all could learn from Icke Lika Med is that they go their own way. In the middle of all the crisis and among herd-running finance sharks, I think it’s even more important to do that, to go your own way. Not somebody elses way, just your own.

And that is what Icke Lika Med does. By playing grunge in swedish, in their own way, and by trying to make this world a better place.

Besides the great music you can listen to here in this post, you can also visit Icke Lika Med’s site to listen more and download more songs.

Happy new year!

Det var jag (It was I):

Bättre (Better):

Det var jag
Banding & Shisha


November 16, 2008 at 1:00 am

Two years ago Stereolith had the honour to open for Europe on their Nordic tour. Two bands from two different generations of hard rock. Europe sailed through the eighties mostly under the term “melodic hard rock” (strange term btw, as if other types of hard rock didn’t have melodies) and they were quite successful at that. Almost two decades separate the bands, but they fit together quite well, as Stereolith may be viewed as a 20th century counterpart in style. That is, with the hard rock and metal of today as the base, catchy melodies and a strong front figure and songwriter in Oscar Ammer. I do hope though, that they skip the modern version of “Carrie” ;-)

Be Alone:

Nickelback is close by to compare with, but I think that Stereolith feels heavier and less polished (nice). The grunge has also a significant influence, which is quite obvious in some songs.
Listen to and download a couple of tracks from Stereolith’s debut album:

Still Strong
Be Alone

Besök Stereoliths hemsida och deras Myspace-sida

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