Armadillo King

September 7, 2008 at 8:00 am

Armadillo KingTo be honest artists like Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Tom Petty normally don’t frequent my speakers, but sometimes they do manage to get me going, especially Dylan. Furthermore it’s easy to see why this line of music is so appealing to many starting up their musical careers – all you need is a guitar and something to share.

The amount of “young men (or women) with guitars” is actually overwhelming when you take a closer look at the swedish demo treasure, as I’ve done during the past few years. And no matter how attractive their initiatives and ambitions may be, it’s all together somewhat watered down to me seeing how few – yes they do exist! – manage to really deliver that personal feeling they’re aiming at (and that obviously is crucial in the singer/songwriter genre). No, it rarely surprises, it all sounds very much alike to this listener.

Three things in which Armadillo King succeeds, and that must work if I’m to be part of it all, are singing, melody and lyrics. Most important about singing is of course the “expression”; it does by no means have to be especifically original or odd but must be personal, can’t be borrowed. If you on top of that, like Armadillo King, is blessed with an infallible sense of pitch as well as an equally – and paradoxically – harsh and smooth voice, you’re not worse off because of it. In my book Armadillo King is a fantastic singer.

As for melody and lyrics they should be symbiotic. Lyrics that doesn’t tell you the obvious floating safely and unstrained in a melody that seem to lack ambitions of originality but that nevertheless carries me, the melody junkie, with it all the way.

Well well, guess it’s a bit ridiculous trying to explain why you should listen to this artist, when the best argument by far is delievered soon as you click on the song of your choice. You’re likely to understand then, the concept of “young man with guitar” at its best.

Selling a Sheep
Million Dollar King
It’s Soon Summertime
Inner Peace
Turn Away
My Raincoat
Still Your Angel

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Armadillo King on Myspace

(translated by Aurgrunn)

Some Kind of Rubus

August 15, 2008 at 12:00 pm

Some Kind of RubusIf you enjoy getting happy – raise your hand! As a little help on the way, you can listen to the Stockholm based band Some Kind of Rubus. They offer folk music wonderfully mixed with rock! The vocalist Emil Gammeltoft is a former heavy rock singer, from the band Nerved. Having played rock for 18 years – and with a lot of folk music in his head – he started Some Kind of Rubus, with Petter Axelsson and Örjan Johansson, at the end of 2005!

And it is now time for Some Kind of Rubus to conquer the world. Their first conquest lies in the land of folk music, Scotland, where they have already received a lot of attention, e.g. in scottish radio!
Emil says that a Scottish tour is planned for October.

Listen and download:

Hälsa på hos Some Kind of Rubus:
SKoR on Myspace

Keep cool,


(translated by Clint Hell)

Dreams of Dusk

August 15, 2008 at 12:03 am

It is said that one should remain impartial. Which I, from time to time, am not. At least not this time. The thing is that I know several of the members of Dreams of Dusk, and have furthermore been the drummer in the band. But that really doesn’t matter. ‘Cos I’m sure that I would have cheered them on even more if I didn’t know them or had once played with them.

Dreams of DuskDreams of Dusk was initiated 2000/2001 by their most diligent members, Alexandra Pajuluoma and Martin Berglund. No matter what, I am happy that my time behind the drums in the band did not last longer than some 6 months up to 2002. Or they would never have become as good as I think they are today. They would never have been as tight and great musicians had I still been in the band, that’s for sure.

Anyway. After several years’ gigging, composing and hard work they are still around. And they are, I would like to add, better than ever! So what makes Dreams of Dusk so good? I’m not sure. It certainly won’t matter that they are from Stockholm, that they are 7 members in the original line-up, or that they all are somewhere 28 and 38 years old.

Something that will matter a lot, however, and something that I have loved since the very start, is their mix of string instruments and rock parts. I may be naive or simply ignorant, but as far as I know they create a sound that I dare say that I haven’t heard anywhere else. That the vocals are extremely beautiful and the songs as such are superb doesn’t exactly make things worse. But… as what is commonly said under circumstances like these: listen and judge for yourself!

Dreams of Dusk on Myspace

Here are a few songs from their most recent demo (which, considering the quality, should have been released as a proper album on completion):

2-The Coast Song
3-The Eternal Flow
4-Floating With Time
5-Only Then
6-Finding the Way
8-Lost In the Mist
9-The Story From the Woods

(translated by Clint Hell)

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