Stevan Klaverdal – “Revelations”

December 6, 2013 at 4:48 pm

Stefan Klaverdal

Stefan Klaverdal from Malmö is a composer and sound artist, who primarily works with comtemporary classical music, a genre that can be hard to define. This is more than obvious when you listen to Stefan’s works which ranges from classical pieces for choirs and orchestras to electronic sound experiments to genre crossing music and a lot of other endeavours. “Revelations” is a fascinating album he released in 2010, where he collaborates with other musicians, performing two of his suites: “The Sacred Family” and “Revelation Pieces”.

“The Sacred Family” consists of three parts and is performed by the string quartet Tippet Quartet and Stefan with his electronic effects, beats and pads, united in a most natural way. He was originally inspired, which the name implies, by Gaudi’s amazing unfinished construction La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. When he started composing, his wife had a serious illness, which of course made his work with the music stop from time to time, as he had to take care of his wife and his one-year old daughter. His wife eventually recovered and it took him three years to finish the composition, and by then the music contained another meaning as a celebration to being alive and being together and also a reflection of this near-death process they went through, which you can strongly sense when you listen. Interestingly the cathedral La Sagrada Familila has three sides, named Nativity, Passion and Glory, which is also the name of the three parts. You can listen to the first part here below: “Façade Of The Nativity”.
The second half of the album, which is no less fascinating, “Revelation Pieces” is inspired by scenes from The Book of Revelation. Here the electronica is more in focus, and consists of three parts, independent of each other, and paint four different images.

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