Svedberg and the Hillside Stranglers – “Brand New Heart” – video

September 21, 2012 at 7:17 pm

Svedberg and the Hillside Stranglers today released a music video for their second single “Brand New Heart”, taken from their album “City Serenade”. Enjoy some soft Americana!

Svedberg and the Hillside Stranglers on Facebookon Spotify

Klara Kazmi – “Sunshine and Butterflies”

September 11, 2012 at 10:21 pm

Klara Kazmi

Klara Kazmi released this song, “Sunshine and Butterflies”, during Summer, which the title clearly suggests. She continues to experiment and here she’s created her own mix of Americana and R’n’B, where she dances across the meadow enjoying everything she sees, with a big smile on her lips. Almost like it was taken from a an old musical movie from the fifties, with bright colours and where the sun was always shining.

Summer song or not, I can tell you that it works wonders now as well, as the Autumn’s darkness is sneaking upon us. It makes me feel good, simply put.

Later this year she’s planning the release of a new EP which you can follow on Facebook and on her site. Listen to more songs on her Soundcloud page.

Sunshine and Butterflies

Lundgren – “Lovely Dream”

September 7, 2012 at 1:33 pm


During my years of blogging here on Meadowmusic, one of my absolutely best discoveries was Andreas Lundgrens “Bad Buddha”, which I wrote about back in 2008. As he now finally released a new album, “Lovely Dream”, I was of course excited to see what it was about.

And I’m met by a painfully beautiful music. In general terms I could say that it’s a mix Americana, blues and acoustic rock. Across the somewhat desolate atmosphere road dust sweeps in and gives an authentic feeling for the journey Andreas shows us, often accompanied by a worn acoustic guitar. It’s an inner journey, which is hard not to get affected by, self-revealing and naked, as a musical showdown with himself.

It’s not heavy, rather darkly beautiful, with wonderful melodies and often a more low-voiced Andreas than before, but who sometimes rips and shakes you around. All the songs are written by Andreas except the enchanting “Why I Am” where Jade Ellis has written the lyrics, which she also sings.

To me this is without a doubt the strongest album experience I’ve hade this year. “Lovely Dream” was recently released digitally and is available on Spotify. Here are three songs from the album:

Where the Wildfire Runs
If I Get High

Jonas Carping – “Underground”

September 5, 2012 at 1:25 pm

Jonas Carping

I’ve written before about Jonas Carping as the singer in The Glade. Now he’s also released music in his own name; first the EP “Underground” during summer and yesterday the single “The Sting”. In the end of the month the album “All the Time In the World” will also be released, which I will feature in a post later on.

Genrewise it’s similar to what we’ve heard from The Glade in the latest releases; a warm, country inspired music with Jonas’ voice in the front that gets so close to us. There is a sympathetic, quiet peacefulness in Jonas’ vocals that catches my attention and stops me from rushing on to the next task. It’s like that friend that sits and litsens while the rest of us are fighting to get our points heard by interrupting each other. And who, when the crescendo of voices stops for moment, starts telling his story in his own calm pace. The intense discussion comes to a halt and everyone is listening.

You can listen to Jonas Carping on Spotify and on Bandcamp. Follow him on his site and on Facebook.

The Sting

Varjen – “Hardland EP”

August 22, 2012 at 1:53 pm


Niklas Sibelius used his nick name from high school, when he named his solo project: Varjen (The Wolf). It’s about Americana and indie folk where he mentions The Tallest Man On Earth, The Cave Singers as Frank Turner as influences. Especially Frank Turner comes to mind as I listen to the recently released debut EP “Hardland”, which is maybe most obvious in the last song, “Hardland”, where he almost feels punky in his expression. The room feeling in the sound also makes me think about folk from the eighties and albums like  Springsteens “Nebraska”, where I also find more common vibes in for example the beautiful “Shoreline Weeks”, which you can listen to here below.

In any case it’s a strong and interesting debut which you can listen to on Varjen’s site and on Spotify. Follow Varjen on Facebook.

Shoreline Weeks

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