Borlänge-pop, doom-folk and chinese postrock from Billy the Zombie Kid, Marigold, Sisilisko and Lerin/Hystad

April 8, 2014 at 6:12 pm


Billy the Zombie Kid – “The Blessing and the Curse” – EP

Billy The Zombie Kid is a band from Borlänge, who released the debut album “The Blessing and the Curse” a couple of months ago. It contains five songs with a melodic, alternative pop/rock spiced up with electronica, well a bit in the direction of The Killers. Here’s the title track “The Blessing and the Curse”:

Marigold – “Allt kommer bli bra”

The next band, Marigold is also from Borlänge. A month ago they released the single “Allt kommer bli bra” and last year the excellent EP “Och så kom regnet”. I can sense a part of The Killers here also, but here more in the direction of synth pop, as a melancholic, a bit eighties-like ambience sweeps into the room. Here’s the latest single together with “City Farewell” from the EP:

Sisilisko – “Waldeinsamkeit” – EP

I wrote about the duo Sisilisko, Albin Boman and Peter Engqvist, in the Autumn. Now they are back with the EP “Waldeinsamkeit”, an EP where their doom-folk music runs further into the dark woods to explore the mystique, nature and darkness. Here’s “The Woods” from the album:

Lerin/Hystad – “Mount Buzhou” – album

On the 25th of April the Swedish/Norwegian duo Simon Torssell Lerin and Bettina Hvidevold Hystad are releasing their debut album “Mount Buzhou”. The album title is taken from the name of a mountain in Chinese mythology, a mountain said to have supported the heavens.

The Chinese tradition also run through the music. In 2010 the duo travelled to Kunming in the south west of China, where over 1000 retired musicians gathered each day to play traditional Chinese music together. During two months they recorded this music, and later blended these recordings with their own instrumental music. Postrock and progressive rock meet Chinese traditions which create a very special atmosphere. Here’s one of the six songs on the album:

Read an interview with Lerin/Hystad on (in Swedish)

Indie, classical and punk from Old Amica, Other People, Up The Hill, On The Cinnamon and Hurula

March 14, 2014 at 1:19 pm
On The Cinnamon

On The Cinnamon

Old Amica – “Old Oaken Pond”

The duo Old Amica have been our guests several times before here on Meadowmusic. Now they are preparing to launch a new album, “Fabula”, on the 26th of March. “Old Oaken Pond” is the first glimpse of the album and beside their own special indie-sound there is a nostalgic vibe in this song, as the song title implies. A bit like if  Hotennany Singers made a comeback and started playing folk indie.

Other People – “Somewhere Far Away” – album

Other People is an alias for the composer Jakob Lindhagen and his solo project. His new album is called “Somewhere Far Away”, an instrumental album focusing on Jakob’s minimalistic piano playing. Every tone seems carefully devised in these melancholic melodies, which sometimes are accompanied by a gentle cello or an ambient pad. The ambience and the melodies make me think of Björn J:son Lindhs “Bilder från en ö” and of music from some of the Swedish TV-drama series.

Up The Hill

Up The Hill is a four man strong band, who so far have released an EP with six tracks.  I can’t come up with a band to compare them with as they sound so special. Both in the way they mix their influences and in the way they build the songs. The soulful vocals is a strong characteristic of the songs, but in the end I feel that the songs still have a strong focus on the instrumental parts, where I hear progressive seventies’ vibes, Dire Straits-guitars, blues and folk indie. Quite dynamic songs which build up a strong groove sometimes. Here are two of them:

On the Cinnamon – “Indecency”

When the songwriter Jonas Lindsköld told me about the band On the Cinnamon’s debut single “Indecency”, he also wrote that they sound like their band name. I scratched my head and started wondering if he was referring to “Cinnamon Girl”, because there are certain Neil Young-vibes in the song: the simple sound, the guitars and the touch of Americana. But no, I found the explanation further down in the mail; the bandname was a direct translation of the Swedish expression “(att vara) på kanelen” (an old Swedish expression saying that someone is a bit drunk). I’m not quite sure how I should interpret this either as the song is a charming, warm and close pop song with a certain sheen of unpolished indie. And it fits quite well with the sunny, early-Spring weather we have here now.

Hurula – “22”

Hurula is releasing another single from his upcoming album ”Vi är människorna våra föräldrar varnade oss för”. It’s called “22”, a punkish pop-melodic track with a great rough sound. I really like the chorus, and it’s the best song I’ve heard from Hurula so far.

Mother Jack – “Presents…”

November 20, 2013 at 2:40 pm

Mother Jack

When the duo Mother Jack, Casey and Johan Moir, get up on stage they do this with the somewhat odd setup double bass, floor tom and vocals, well a loop pedal also which Casey uses foor her vocals, plus chimes and some other sonic decorations. In the beginning of the Autumn they released their debut EP “Presents…” which they, fortunately, based entirely on this live setting, which works wonderfully well. It’s music with a passionate drive and two strong personal expressions in Johan’s bass and Casey’s vocals. Listen for yourself here in two songs.

Mother Jack’s site – on Facebookon Spotifyon Wimpon Raraon Bandcamp

Ekologiskt mörker – “Svälj”

November 19, 2013 at 1:59 pm

Ekologiskt Mörker

Ekologiskt Mörker is the name of a punk trio who released their album debut “Svälj” (“Swallow”) last year. Experimental punk they write and that fits quite well as they rips and tears and stretches the concept of what punk rock can be. With high velocity and plenty of punk energy as a foundation there’s quite a span in the material where they can pick up progressive rock vibes, bluesy rock’n’roll (with harmonica) and grunge for example, while the lyrics can vary from black, stinging political satire to humour. And with a song like “Smäll” with the only line “Kom hit och ge mig en smäll, jag är så trött på att göra det själv” (“Come here and punch me, I’m so tired of doing it myself”), you don’t have to be engaged in politics to take that in. Taste Ekologiskt Mörker here below in a couple of songs.

Ekologiskt Mörkers site on Facebookon Spotifyon Wimpon Soundcloud

I Don’t Speak French – “We Are the People”

October 28, 2013 at 3:24 pm

I Don't Speak French

Here’s the debut single from the band I Don’t Speak French, which was released in Summer. It’s called “We Are the People”, a fun, playful indie pop song, with a certain funk feeling and some Beck vibes in it. From what I understand they are working on their first album right now.

I Don’t Speak French on Facebookon Spotifyon Wimpon Rara

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