Music Is the Weapon – “Moving Foundations and Outer Space”

December 20, 2012 at 3:53 pm

Music Is the Weapon

Music Is the Weapon and their eleven members are back with a new jazzy funk-party full of energic afro beats and fantastic horns on the new album “Moving Foundations and Outer Space”. There’s a great groove on the album and they sound better than ever. The sound is more distinct and with a more pronounced seventies atmosphere. The energic funk is in focus but they show a variation I really like, with for example the many-faceted  “Vredens Duvor” and the spacy “Space Is Yellow”.  Most of it is instrumental except from a few tracks, among them my favourite one, the grand “Do You, Be You” where Dinah Yonas has added lyrics and her pleasant soul voice.

Music Is the Weapon’s site – on Facebookon Spotify –  on Bandcamp

We Will Never Stop

Music Is the Weapon

September 3, 2009 at 4:32 pm

Music Is the WeaponIf I were to explain groove to someone, I think that the afro-beat band Music Is the Weapon would be a great example. The 12-membered band creates a music with a liveliness I can listen to for a long time. It’s party, fighting spirit and a lot of joy.  With funk, jazz and caribbean influences this makes a great mix.

They started out as a tribute band to Fela Kuti, but is now playing their own music, inspired by Kuti. This led to the release of their debut album “Music Is the Weapon” in may. I you’d like to listen more you should visit their Myspace page or their Facebook page.

Here you can listen to a bonus track, featuring the poet Lasse Fabel (in swedish):

Copyriot (feat Lasse Fabel)

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