Weibenfalk – “Nu är vi här”

November 29, 2016 at 3:30 pm


For his next album Thomas Weibenfalk wanted a more open and a closer sound than on the last album, also this time in collaboration with the producer Andreas Dahlbäck. And when he lets us taste the record on the new single I can sense it immediately. It’s less “Vassa eggen” and more live vibes, and one reason is that it indeed is recorded live in the studio, with Jens Frithiof on guitars and Surjo Benigh on bass, among others, with no unnecessary adds, as he writes. His presence is perfect and the sound pure candy for someone who likes singer/songwriter-rock in Swedish. It’s a growing track with an increasing dramatic ambience which ends with an instrumental crescendo where we can revel in wonderful, chrunchy guitar layers and whining guitars that send shivers down my spine.

I asked Thomas to tell us something about the song:

“The song ”Nu är vi här” speaks, to a large extent, to the people I got to know, and who became some the best friends in my life, during my time in Skåne and Lund. We had great fun together and a small group of people formed that hopefully will stick together all life. At least on distance.
As you get older you get a job, start a family and move out to other parts of the country and you don’t see each other that often anymore. I think many recognize that. We also live in a world of violence, egoism and despair which I’m also trying to reflect in the song and on the entire album. We easily get stuck in our own stress behind screens och cell phones, forgetting what really means something: the people around us.” (transl. from Swedish)

Producer: Andreas Quincy Dahlbäck
Music, lyrics, vocals and guitars: Thomas Weibenfalk
Guitars: Jens Frithiof
Bass: Surjo Benigh
Keys: Mikaela Hansson and Joel Sjödin
Drums, vocals: Andreas Quincy Dahlbäck
Sound engineer: Frida Claeson Johansson

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