The Forest Green

February 1, 2012 at 1:59 pm

Normally you will find Oskar Blondell in the band Ben Hogun as a lead singer, but as a side adventure he has also started the solo project The Forest Green. According to Oskar it’s his own uncompromising art project, where he can test his limits and do whatever he likes.

It sounds like perfect conditions for creating interesting music, and it also shows in his songs. You can listen here below to the first song he published, “Slowmotion”. A couple of days ago he released another, “Only One”, and more are on their way. He also tells me that he’s started a collaboration with the deep house duo Vildmarken, which we will know more about later on. You can follow his music on Soundcloud.

The name The Forest Green comes from the colour of his old favourite cardigan, which he was wearing when he created the first song. He also thought it perfectly described what he wanted to achieve with the project.


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