New singles from The Virtues, The Grand Trick, Rideau and LGCY

January 31, 2014 at 5:39 pm
The Virtues

The Virtues

Here’s a new Friday collection with new singles, after a rather sporadic blog week. Rock is the common denominator this time.

The Virtues – “Let the Fish Spawn”

The Virtues are back with their fresh seventies rock sound, here in the single “Let the Fish Spawn”, taken from the compilation album “Yesteryears”. With four full length records in their backpack they also celebrate their ten years anniversary as a band this year.

The Grand Trick – “The Daily Dose”

The rock band The Grand Trick have been working with the producer Beau Hill (Ratt, Warrant, Alice Cooper, Bob Dylan among others), who created a mix of the the song “The Daily Dose”. I think he really nailed this song, a song which was released in a different version last year, and is now being released as a single. It comes out as a dense rock track with a great drive and with vibes from the American nineties as well as a hint of the seventies.

Rideau – “Stand Still”

Now it’s a bit heavier rock with Rideu and their debut single “Stand Still”. They’ve created quite an interesting sound with their own mix of metal, stoner rock and hardcore. The band was formed by Gabriel Öberg and Carl Magnus Palm after the breakup of InSekt and are working on their debut album right now.

LGCY – “Noises”

I’ll finish with some indie rock from the band LGCY, who released this debut single, “Noises” in January.

Nutmeg – “Space”

April 4, 2011 at 4:16 pm

NutmegThree years ago Nutmeg released their hardcore-pop album “Trigger”. Now they’re on the move again with a new album, “Basement Riot”, which seems to be more or less ready, at least when it comes to the recordings.

As a first peek of the album they release a single today, “Space”, which will be celebrated with a release party at Fritz’s Corner in Stockholm this Wednesday, where you also can buy the single on a limited vinyl edition.

Normally I am not that into hardcore, but this I really liked (and not only because I like to use Nutmeg in the food):


You can also listen to the song and the earlier album “Trigger” on Nutmeg’s Bandcamp page. Follow the band on their site and on Facebook.

And I just had to add this cool animated video of  “Oh Oh Ooh!” from their last album:

Commit a Crime

April 28, 2009 at 5:36 pm

Commit a CrimeThere has been too little hardcore metal here on Meadowmusic and of course, some of it depends on that I don’t listen that much to this genre. But Commit a Crime is a band that I liked from the start. We are talking here about a musical area where bands like Slipknot and In Flames roam.

And Commit a Crime has definitely nothing to be ashamed of. Heavy and dark like an intro to the next Terminator movie. Well produced and with a rock feeling with a drive so I feel it in my stomach. A brutal discharge as the band says. Last autumn they released their debut EP “Commit a Crime”.

Visit Commit a Crime on Myspace.

Listen to and download two tracks:

Clay Pigeons
Step Aside


November 25, 2008 at 1:00 pm

SkumdumCould Skellefteå be the city that produces most bands with quality in Sweden? Well, Skumdum is another one of those. They say themselves that they are too much punk rock to be skaters and to much skaters to be punk rockers. In any case I think that they are perfect for a music lover.

Skumdum succeeds in a great way to combine the punk rock and rock with folk music (yes really), so that the result feels interesting and dynamic. I find influences in everything from Green Day, to Mano Negra. I also have a soft spot for the vocal adds, which makes it feel like singalong in the choruses.

The band sang in Swedish until around 2004-2005, but is now singing in English since they needed new challenges and also because they wanted to reach a bigger audience.

Skumdum has been around for 16 years and released 4 albums, where the latest one, “Two Sides of the Story”, will be released the 28-29 of November in Skellefteå. Below you’ll find a track from this album, “Proud Minority”, along with a couple of tracks from earlier albums.

A big disgrace:

Proud Minority
War Is Money

Skumdum on Myspace
Skumdum on Lastfm

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