Morris i motljus

January 24, 2012 at 5:28 pm

Morris i motljus

Behind the artist name Morris i motljus we find Henrik Ivarsson. In the Autumn he released the EP “Morris i motljus”, seven instrumental songs, which directly transfered me to the movies. There are alternating bombastic rock orchestral works and softer, more ambient tracks, like it was made for an epic adventure on the big screen.

A couple of years ago Henrik read a newspaper article with the headline “Jag fruktade att de hade ätit Morris” (“I feared that they had eaten Morris”), a story about an old lady who was afraid that the fox had taken her cat. During summer 2010 he came up with the idea that he would compose music for the story, thereby also starting to realize his dream of creating music for film.

“Jag fruktade att de hade ätit Morris” was only a project name from the start, but soon after he had released the music on the net, it de facto became his artist name. As he never was comfortable with that name, he took the opportunity to change it before this release.

You can listen to and download the EP for free on his Bandcamp page and you can also find him on Facebook. Here’s the opening track “Drömmar är som vackrast innan de går i uppfyllelse” (“Dreams are most beautiful before they come true”:

Drömmar är som vackrast innan de går i uppfyllelse

I Am Trip – “As It Was”

December 2, 2011 at 3:31 pm

I Am Trip

I Am Trip is a music project created by Filip Forsström, who, on the EP “As It Was” serves experimental soundscapes where he mixes ambient, dub/step, glitch and IDM. Harmonic, soft sound spaces are broken up with chopped beats, “glitches” and sound figures which create a special atmosphere. It becomes an interesting work of sound art, which I imagine can give rise to very personal associations, which is also Filip’s objective with the project:

The project and it’s name stands for going on an inner journey and explore which places, experiences and emotions the music creates. It’s not about what the music whas meant as , it’s the individual experience that is the goal.

For me personally the character Trip is created. If Trip will join anyone else on their journey is entirely up to each and every one. And the personal interpretation is the focus of what the journey can become.

On I Am Trip’s site you can download the EP and you can also listen to the tracks on his Soundcloud page.

I Don’t Know

Conny Olivetti – “Edgeland”

November 24, 2011 at 6:45 pm


Conny Olivetti is a productive artist. In April we could listen to the album “Strategems”, which I wrote about, and now in November he released his next thematic album, “Edgeland”.

As before it’s about instrumental electronica, ambient but yet containing melodic parts that make me think of Jarré and Vangelis. He brings us to “Edgeland”, which for me becomes a journey into the future and away to a city on the edge of the civilization. Like science fiction in other words, and like all good SF, it also hints at the world we’re living in.

So the music seemlessly takes me through this somewhat cold and hard city, a city full of details, voices and activities. And at the same time a glimpse of eternity.

Conny Olivetti is an alter ego for Leif Franzén, and since I was curious about the origins of the artist name, I asked him about it:

Conny Olivetti was born in 1980 when I, at fRa-film, started to create music for our own film productions. And in order to make the movie credits not too monotone we invented Conny Olivetti as responsible for the music production. Conny is my second name, and our scripts were written on an Olivetti typewriter.

The only incident with the name happened around 1989 when I, during a film editing break at the local Medieverkstan in Västerås, went to buy some food at the pizzeria nearby. The weeks before there had been some kind of nightlife article in the local newspaper, where I had said my name was Conny Olivetti. The pizza baker recognized me from the article and started to ask disturbing questions about my family and so on.

He’s been around since then and it seems he will continue with that

As with all his album releases, “Edgeland” is available for free download and streaming on his Bandcamp page. You can find Conny on his site or on Facebook. He’s already working with his next album, which has the working title “Connections”.

Insights From the Past

Conny Olivetti – “Stratagems”

July 27, 2011 at 2:25 pm

Conny OlivettiToday I’ll present some instrumental music of a different character than the other day. It’s about Conny Olivetti and his latest album “Stratagems”, an album divided into tracks but yet a whole as the songs blend into each other. It feels classic and reminds me of names like Eno and Fripp but also to some extent Roger Waters.

First of all it’s ambient music, which paints pictures in my mind as I sink into the sounds. Sampled voices guide me into the scenes from the theme, which is about war incidents. Conny describes it like this:

The theme for the album was initially to be around “international incidents, but was soon abandoned for a more loose connection to war incidents, past and present.

A strong album, which I will definitely listen to more times. The album is available on Conny Olivetti’s Bandcamp page, where you also can listen to his earlier albums. You can follow his work on his site. Here are two tracks from “Stratagems”:

International Incidents
Narrow-band Imaging

A. S. Swanski

June 30, 2011 at 1:59 pm

A. S. SwanskiA Dutch musician that has moved to Sweden may ring some bells. A. S. Swanski, though, produces music in quite different genres than the late Cornelis did. Here it’s about electronica, of the experimental kind, on the border to ambient, often with industrial vibes and sometimes with a feeling of mystique.

The song here below, “The Assassination”, was largely inspired by the parliament elections in both Holland and Sweden last year, and is a part of an EP with the same title. Presently he’s working on a full length album, to be released later this year. You can follow A.S. Swanski and listen more on his site.

The Assassination

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