October 30, 2008 at 1:00 am

David StiernholmI like the analogy of composers painting with tones and harmonies, atmospheres, feelings and words. And if this is ever a true comparison to how a musician actually works, then it is with David Stiernholm’s project [Puie:]. His beautiful, acoustic, melodic ambient music is created from a belief in the spontaneous idea and he continues to paint with what he has at hand and what feels right.

This is how it’s described on Negative Sound Institute:
“Each piece on this release starts with a graphic idea, such as “what would it sound like if the soft oboe played a downward figure consisting of short notes, while the sharp nyckelharpa played a upward figure consisting of long notes bound together”. Then, David picks out some harmonies on the piano, just to have something to work with, like a handful of fixed colors with which to paint. He kick starts the motorcycle of creatitivity with the flailing boot of self-imposed boundaries. Then he proceeds to dismantle the boundaries and create new.”

Puie started as a collaboration with the designer Karin Gullbrantz in [Puie: Dsch], where they, in an iterative process, had images, structures and music inspire and affect one another all the way to a complete furniture design. The result was exhibited in april 2006 at Brand Design Center. You can read about, view and listen to this creative process on [Puie: Dsch]:s site, with comments by Karin and David on each step.

Another interesting collaboration is Ă–gonblick, where David works with Ken Peel.

Listen to three tracks with [Puie:]:

Jubel Tone
The Japanese Decision

Visit [Puie:] on Myspace and on the site
and on Negative Sound Institute, where you can also listen to and download the EP “Always-Ever”.

If you are interested in ambient and experimental music I recommend that you navigate through the artists on Negative Sound Institute. All the music there are released under a Creative Commons license, which means that you can download and share the music as much as you like, as long as it is under non-commercial circumstances.

ad dios

October 13, 2008 at 12:00 pm

ad diosI have listened to ad dios for more than ten years now, ever since I received the fantastic album “Ancient Landscapes”. I have used their music as some kind of resort now and then, away from a more stressful real landscape and into a musical bubble of peace and harmony.

ad dios is inspired by ancient cultures, preferably the celtic one, to create their atmospheric, melodic music. And sure, I can sense this inspiration, but a stronger feeling for me is the timelessness of it all that connects my inner peace with things that have always been.

ad dios is a duo from Lund with five albums in their discography. Four of them released by Theta Music. Their latest album is called “The Endless Knot” and you can listen to two tracks from the album below. Right now they are producing their upcoming album, with the work title “A Journey Through Middle Earth”, a musical journey inspired by “The Lord of the Rings”.

But behold, you Tolkien-fan, the ring is in safe hands. I can proudly present a track here from the new album, “Middle Earth”, so that you can get a taste for what the new album will sound like.

Lean back, relax, and enjoy:

The Endless Knot
Realm of Arawn
Middle Earth

Visit ad dios’ home page

In the Labyrinth

September 26, 2008 at 8:00 am

In the Labyrinth, Peter LindahlIn the Labyrinth is the multi-instrumentalist Peter Lindahl, who paints new musical landscapes, together with visiting friends.

The first thing that struck me when I listened, was a fantasy feeling, where some tracks could fit into many movies of this genre. And I got extra inspiration from the beautiful album paintings (painted by Peter Lindahl).

The music is also made with a lot of musical fantasy, and the influences are many. Sometimes I sense the early Pink Floyd, and many times Mike Oldfield. Otherwise, the most remarkable influence is the oriental flavour. Oriental scales are woven very skilfully and nice together with everything else and the sitar gives a beautiful colour to the music.

The Artist Dance of the Witches

“Dryad” (Record Heaven) ) is the latest and the third album from In the Labyrinth. You can listen to three songs from the album here. Welcome into the labyrinth!

Lost In the Woods (plus Intro)
Night of the Baskerville Killer
Out of This Maze

Visit Peter Lindahl’s home page, listen, download songs and buy the albums “Dryad”, “Walking on Clouds” and “Garden of Mysteries”

and his Myspace page

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